Building A Cheerleading Squad For Your Business

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Sometimes entrepreneurship can feel very lonely, especially when you’re a solo entrepreneur or your team is completely virtual. As lonely as it can feel, it’s important to remember that you’re never alone.

Every entrepreneur needs a business support system, and today I’m going to tell you about the key people on my cheerleading squad. This is my support team helping me behind-the-scenes to grow my business.

We all need a strong support system to reach our dreams, and in this episode of She Takes on the World TV I’ll help you round out your own business cheerleading squad.

Check it out:

I have a challenge for the next week: I want you to think about someone who would be an incredible person to have as part of your business support system. Let me know who that person is in a comment below, and make a commitment to reach out to that person in the next week.

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6 thoughts on “Building A Cheerleading Squad For Your Business

  1. I love the new look of the website Natalie! It’s fresh, clean and super easy to browse around.

    I agree, working with coaches (even as a coach myself) is an absolute must. I would not have made the huge leaps I’ve made this year without the help of my coaches.

    Next for me is to join a Master Mind Group: any idea Natalie on the best way to go about finding one (or several)?

    1. Hi Caroline…. As you can probably see from my comment below, I’m with you. It’s great to have supportive people at home (and wider) but I know I need to “cast the net” a bit further and have been wanting to set about joining or creating a Mastermind group to share the journey and hold me accountable!!

  2. I have about 5 people on my cheerleading squad and they all serve different purposes. The person I’ll call my “mentor” is the one who helps me to think big picture. She reminds of my the bigger work I’m here to do in this world and she always reinvigorates my drive. I’m going to get in touch with her this week.

  3. Love your new website, Natalie! So nice to browse through. I have a great team of friends who are supporting me, but as a newcomer in this field I’m also struggling with anxiety around contacting people I don’t know and especially people who are much further ahead than me (which is pretty much everyone! 🙂 ). I guess the best way to get over that is just to get to work and contact them anyway. Got nothing to lose, right?

  4. Loved this post Natalie – in all areas of my life I find it unnatural (difficult, even) to ask for help so this was a welcome post…
    Like Caroline (above) I’m also keen to create a Mastermind group – I’m lucky to have family and friends to support me, but it would be great too to have people who are looking to achieve similar goals who can hold me accountable.

  5. Hi, Ladies! Natalie is the co-founder of a great mastermind – WE Mastermind, which I’ve belonged to for over a year now. Lot’s of ambitious and really smart ladies doing amazing things in there. Two WE Mastermind members also co-founded Thrive Hive, which isn’t technically a mastermind, but we’re all extremely supportive of each other by providing tips on just about everything, and we promote each other’s content, products and launches as well.

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