Building A Brand Through YouTube: An Interview with Natalie Tran

Natalie - Natalie Tran Interview

By 2019, Cisco has predicted that 80% of all content consumed on the internet will be VIDEO.

Yes, you read that right: 80 percent!!!

For that reason, I really want to encourage you to start creating videos as one part of your business’s overall content strategy.

When I was in Cannes, France for a television conference, I met with YouTube superstar Natalie Tran and interviewed her about building an audience and growing your business through YouTube.

She gave me some amazing tips and “insider secrets,” and I’m so excited to be sharing these with you in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV.

In this interview we chat about:

  • 2 things your audience expects from every single video you put out there, no matter what
  • What to do with critical feedback, and how you can use this tip to build YOUR brand
  • The exact steps Natalie took to turn her YouTube channel into a thriving career for herself (she now has 1.7million+ subscribers)
  • Her #1 piece of advice when it comes to building a brand through video

And sooo much more!


My actionable for you this week is to visit your content calendar and see where you might be able to add video content.

TIP: One of my favorite ways to get people started with video is by answering some questions from their clients or their audience on the webcam. I find it’s a huge help when you’re answering a specific question on a topic within your wheelhouse. That way, you’re not sitting in front of the camera thinking about what you should say.

Now if you don’t already have a content calendar — THAT’S your actionable for this week!

TIP: Create a content calendar for the next 4 weeks, outlining a piece of content you can create each week. Sit down with your notebook and do a brain dump of all the stuff you could talk about, and then pull what stands out to you the most.

And I would absolutely love to see some of your video content – share a link of your favorite clip in the comments below!

And if you found this interview helpful, be sure to share it with your community or other entrepreneurs that you know. Here’s a tweet you can use:

To build a brand through video, make content that YOU enjoy. The audience will follow. -@NatalieTran w @NatalieMacNeil (Click to tweet)

Cosmic hugs,

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4 thoughts on “Building A Brand Through YouTube: An Interview with Natalie Tran

  1. On the subject of branding…. I’m thinking that maybe I should change my name to Natalie?

    Natalie MacNeil, Natalie Tran, Natalie Sisson, Nathalie Lussier… It seems to be one of the keys to success.

    Very useful interview, thank you. Especially the eye-opener about the sound being more important than the visuals in a video.

    Like most people, I find video scary. A tip that I’m going to try is to spend hours recording the same thing, over and over, until it becomes simply boring to do it. Then it won’t be scary any more.

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