Branding Your Business for Online Success

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In my last article I discussed the importance of developing a personal brand. Today I am going to be covering the method of branding for your business and how it all fits together.

A number of years ago now some educators from the MLM industry started promoting “self branding” as a way to position yourself as a leading authority in your field – so for the sake of this example they would suggest that I build a blog called (which I did).

The method it self is quite sound – but where I see so many entrepreneurs come undone is they get out and start marketing the site without really having done much else. If no one knows who you are it is a challenge to get people to go back to your website – UNLESS you are doing something really profound.

Your name, your brand is EVERYTHING. Your domain link is CRUCIAL.

My name is Katarina Mikic and I initially started marketing with, Hudson was to become my married name, so after 12 months of feeling like I was getting no where with I changed my name and created my online brand of Kat Hudson and the link to and my website traffic tripled overnight!

Still, I didn’t feel that I was getting the traction or the results I wanted. So I decided to start my new business, Women’s Web Marketing. This example proves how important the name is . The content was the same, the person delivering the content was the same – the only thing to change was the website and brand delivering the content. I launched Women’s Web Marketing with no list, using only Facebook for Marketing and generated almost $1,000 auto pilot income in the first 10 days it was on-line and built my list to around 150 people in those few short days.

I’d never managed to pull that off with Kat ever! So after this I started trialing my theory with clients and this is what I have found works.

Your site should be for relationships and positioning.

So you could come to to find out more about me; get to know like and trust me (the rules of Influence) then you would have what I refer to as money sites linked from your site. So for this example, if you come to I have 3 different pages that can convert to sales, which are all still being further developed.

For you this could mean adding a squeeze page from your site with a descriptive domain name.

The BEST way to structure a domain name for success is:

* Make it descriptive – the title should explain what the site is about and should be enticing so people actually want to click on it

* Make it easy to spell – another reason why sites can be hard to gain traction with; some people have crazy spelling or really long names

* Avoid hyphens ( – )

* Limit to 3 words

Avoid numbers or words that sound like numbers and if you do decide to use a number or a word that can be a number for example, for or 2 try and secure both versions like and – you can then point them to the same site. branding and marketing was developed so that you could build your personal list outside of a MLM company, so that you could basically build a loyal tribe of followers that you could take with you wherever you go and this is fine. However, building your brand and reputation comes from what you do not what you say you do – when you prove yourself and as a valued and trusted leader who people naturally like they will follow you anyway. If your branding is not working for you, consider breaking the mould and doing something a bit different, build your list within a niche and your brand will continue to evolve on it’s own.

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2 thoughts on “Branding Your Business for Online Success

  1. I don’t have a wedomain in my name because it is such a common name. I do however have a blog under my business name (sort of). I had to add ‘my’ to the front of the name I am still trying to get my main website going. How did you get a list started? I have been trying for a year, but I can’t seem to get anyone to sign up for anything. even a free giveaway! It’s been frustrating!

    1. Hi Chris, it can be a difficult process at first. I have spent a lot of time networking and building communities to be able to get the quick results I have.

      2 things:
      1) this site is hosted on the free wordpress platform, you mentioned trying to get a main site going – we need to talk about this, because you really want to move away from the free platform – basically, WordPress doesn’t like people having “money” blogs on their free platform and have the power to shut it down (it has happened before) – you really need to get out on to your own hosting (all the info can be transferred out of this current blog so that you don’t lose it) and it only costs around $80 a year to do this (which allows you to have up to 100 websites).

      2) Your Domain Name doesn’t say anything about your business. It would make more sense for you to build a brand that reflects the services you provide. This then flows on through your Social Media channels where you position yourself as a person of influence in your field. Looking at your domain name I had no idea what you did. It wouldn’t have raised enough interest for me to click through.

      I can work with you to help you get this all up and running.

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