10 Books That Will Change Your Life

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Looking for inspiration, words of encouragement, career advice or just a great read?
Here are 10 of She Takes on the World’s top 10 books to read! We’ve linked them straight to Amazon, but be sure to read the whole list before clicking through!

Three Feet From Gold

Women Count

Wander Woman

More Time for You

How Remarkable Women Lead

The Image of Success

How to Say It For Women

Find Your Strongest Life

When Everything Changed

Designed For Success

What is your must read book that you recommend to women? We will continue to update our list, leave a comment and share your knowledge!

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19 thoughts on “10 Books That Will Change Your Life

  1. An interesting list of books. I read a couple of books a week and will enjoy adding these to my list. I look forward to reading your newsletter.

      1. There are also some good concepts in Secrets of the
        Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. He talks about our money thermostat…how our
        thoughts and beliefs about money attract the amount we feel comfortable having.
        He says this is why many people who win the lottery often lose it all and end
        up back where they started, and why people like Donald Trump can lose
        everything and then rebuild a billion dollar empire. It was eye opening to
        consider, especially since there are those people who seem to have that Midas
        touch. He attributes this to their belief system about money. Very interesting

  2. Thank you for these suggestions! I have to say that all of these titles are new to me and I look forward to checking them out.

  3. Since this post, I wrote a new book about a grandmother passing on 7 life lessons to her granddaughter. It’s titled Apple Pie With Lucy. It’s either at my website or Amazon to purchase. It’s an inspirational story for women. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. ‘Rise’ by Patty Azzarello and ‘Basic Black’ by Cathie Black and ‘Live your dreams’ by Les Brown all have top notch practical and seasoned advice!

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