Women Taking on the World: This is My Love Letter to You

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Hello you,

In 2008 I decided to start a little blog to share my experiences as I started my own business and traveled to over 60 countries around the world. That “little blog” took on a life of its own as it evolved into the amazing She Takes on the World community we have today, landing us on the Forbes list of “Top 10 Entrepreneurial Sites for Women” this year.

Some of you have been with me since the very beginning of this journey while many more have become part of our community over the past year. Whether you’ve been a reader for four years or four days, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are part of about half the entries in my Gratitude Journal!

As women entrepreneurs we are at the forefront of a movement that is changing the world.

Women are leaving the workforce in droves to start their own businesses and do work they are passionate about. By 2018 women will create the majority of all new small business jobs.

I believe entrepreneurship is the women’s movement of our time.

That’s a key message in my upcoming book, She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose which will be released on March 27th! The book is about inspiration, freedom and the audacity to change a predictable, ordinary life into an extraordinary one through entrepreneurship. You can read all about the book and download a free chapter here.

Calling all revolutionary women: 3 ways you can spread the love and make a huge difference:

This book has been a labor of love for the last two years and I need you to help me give it wings. Every tweet, every Facebook post, every email sent, every blog post or review you write, every book purchased, every Amazon review, and every time you mention the book to your friends means so so much to me.

1. Write a Blog Post

Blogs are powerful! Bloggers can spread ideas to the masses and create global movements. If you have one I’ll be forever grateful if you write a post about the book. You could feature an interview with me by using the Q&As in the Media Kit or email me your interview questions at natalie@shetakesontheworld.com so I can answer them personally. Or you can request a review copy of the book to cover it on your blog. To request a review copy please email ronketi@shetakesontheworld.com with subject line “REVIEW COPY REQUEST.”

2. Send an Email

You can tell your blog readers, friends, and family to download a free chapter of the book by using this template and adding a personal touch:

Hello [Insert name here],

My friend Natalie’s book She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose is out March 27th. I’m helping her spread the word by forwarding this email — I thought you might like to download a free chapter of the book at http://www.shetakesontheworld.net/book.

Cheers to taking on the world,

[Your name]

3. Share, Share, Share

Share this post on your Facebook page, pin the book cover (available here) to your “Awesome Books” board on Pinterest, or let your followers know about the free chapter available for download by using one of these tweets:

Download a FREE chapter of @nataliemacneil’s new book, “She Takes on the World.” Highly recommended! http://bit.ly/A7rLVR #shetakesontheworld [Click to tweet]

Women entrepreneurs: Need a business coach but on a budget? Check out @nataliemacneil’s new book! Free chapter here: http://bit.ly/A7rLVR [Click to tweet]

Please send links to any of your posts to ronketi@shetakesontheworld.com so we can share them too! Give love, get love. Good karma is so beautiful!

If you haven’t already, check out the Book Page and download the first chapter for free. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. We’ll be launching a contest with a $5,000 grand prize as well as running an incredible bonus offer for when the book launches on the 27th.

These next few weeks are going to be one hell of a ride and I can’t thank you enough for your support!

With love and gratitude xo

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10 thoughts on “Women Taking on the World: This is My Love Letter to You

  1. I just downloaded the first chapter of your book and look forward to reading it soon. I have been following your work for years and always find you inspirational and insightful. Best of luck to you, Natalie. 

    1. Thank you Denise! And please, let me know more about YOU. The new design of She Takes on the World will be more interactive so that I can get to know you better and all of us women taking on the world can get to know EACH OTHER better. Thank you again so much for your note 🙂

  2. Good for you!! About time women realize that they can contribute a TON to the business world and technology is helping facilitate this trend. Having taught in Junior Achievement classes I especially encourge young ladies to see their worth in their talents and contributions they can offer. I even wrote a story in my first book about a young lady who could not afford college, but wanted to try any way to start her own business. So, keep on plugging!!

    1. Thank you Kevin, and I love Junior Achievement. I was in JA in high school and I have since taught it as well. I found I needed to give an extra push to the young women I was teaching so that they could realize their immense potential. It’s great to know you are helping young women to build that confidence too.  

      1. These young women that I helped has SUCH a strong sense of making a difference, especially in offering great solutions to the problems that they faced that I could not help BUT to encourage them. Young men might not have it all together at that point in their life, but they’ll bloom later on, as I did. So the real question to you Natalie: Mac or PC? 🙂

        P.S. I wrote and designed my book completely in Apple’s iWork Pages, a $79 office suite. If I can do it, so can your readers, especially the young ladies who want to get published.

  3. Wow Natalie! So much going on! This is impreesive and fanastic for women entrepreneurs. We are just about to launch our new on-site blog so I shall be taking some pointers from this post. My wife and I are very driven to succeed in a very competitive market but we know that determination and hardwork will get us the rewards we are striving for!

  4. Talk about girl power! Will definitely be tweeting your book through our Zeros 2 Heroes twitter 🙂 We need some heroines out there like you 😉

  5. This article talks about a love letter. But like so many other such blogs the love seems to only directed towards women. I read on another blog where it said,”Its as infectious as the common cold that where ever women congrugate they ask the question “Why Do We Need men any more? ” Women claim as one of their great virtues the ability  to empathize. If so have you considered how men are going to be hurt when reading about how wonderful women are doing and conversely how poorly males are doing? Do any of thes authors ever suggest anything to help males.? The suicide rate amongst boys is rising. Why? Because boys don’t feel needed, wanted or loved.They are becoming aware that there mothers are expressing dissapointment when they find out their next child will be a boy. They over hear discussions of why momy and daddy should go to one of those sex clinics where the sex of the child can be gurunteed so that they can makes sure that their next child will be one thats made of sugar and spices and all things nices.Why? Because the future for girls looks brighter than for those made of snails and puppy dog tails.It appears that that ole nursery rhyme what are little boys made of?Snails and Puppy dog tails.What are little girls made of?Sugar and spices and all things nices is coming true.

    When one gender begins to ask the question why do we need men anymore something wicked this way comes. Wome talk as if they won’t be happy untill they have all the best jobs and run most of the businesses and all the boardrooms of fortune 500 commpanies are women and all the rulers of the world are women. I don’t think women want equality and parity they write as if they think they are superior so why would superior people want equalit and parity with those they regard as inferior?

    It time ladies to show a little love towards your brothers before you make the decission to not have any more of those critters who are made of snails and puppy dog tails to be born. Stop asking the question why do we need men anymore before that questions leads to lets get rid of them!!!

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