Want to Be A Productivity Queen? How To Be More Productive

Guess what? Today is our birthday! She Takes on the World Inc. is one year old today, as a corporation that is. A year ago I was I was sitting in my lawyer’s office saying, “Is this the right decision?!” I can look back and see that it was just the fear talking, and that I absolutely made the right decision. I’m excited to see this baby grow, and after getting my first peek at our new website launching soon I know she has a bright future ahead 😉

Now I want to take you back to a couple years ago, before I decided that I wanted She Takes on the World to be something I did full-time. I felt a little stuck you could say, and feeling stuck led to a decrease in productivity.

Do you ever feel like procrastination or limiting beliefs have a hold on you? Do you want to leave them in the dust and start the new year as a super productive version of yourself? Then the next episode of my new She Takes on the World TV Series is for you! In it I’ll give you 7 tips to beat procrastination and become a Productivity Queen.

I’d love for you to leave a comment and share your productivity tips with the rest of the She Takes on the World community.

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13 thoughts on “Want to Be A Productivity Queen? How To Be More Productive

  1. Love these tips and use Hootsuite, Yammer and Rescue Time too. I think one of my fave productivity tools is iDoneThis. I simply hit reply to their email at the end of the day to tell them what I achieved and I feel really good about it. It’s like your to-do list checked off with reinforcement

  2. Thanks Natalie. I loved your video. Alot of great tips. A couple I knew but I wasn’t using them so a great reminder. I am about to get a real live in the flesh PA so I can be more productive in building my business whilst raising two boys. I’m excited about that. I’d love it if you could write and episode about the best way to really utilize a PA most optimally. Love your new format too girlfriend. Also wanted to say I am
    Still working my way through all the incredible content from WE mastermind that you and Natalie created so thankyou for that amazing creation.xx much live and proud of you.

    1. Thank you Lotus and great to hear from you 🙂 Having a personal assistant makes a world of difference to your business and your life! It’s a great topic and one I’ll definitely cover in the future. Happy almost New Year and please keep in touch! xo

  3. Hey! Great tips, thx! I use Chrome Nanny to block websites like news, YT or Facebook for certain time of day. Its really cool because it’s not so easy to unblock so I rather get back to work 🙂 I also use Instapaper to clip all articles I find online or get in email so I read it later when Im done with things that need to be done. Then I devide my day into “sections” like calls, emails etc. That means that I choose one hour a day to do all the calls I need to do and 2 x 1 hour to do emails. So I focus only at one thing at time.

  4. Great tips Natalie – I am definitely a productivity queen and stand behind your recommendations! What I find is often the missing piece with colleagues and clients is the strong desire. They *know* there are ways to be more productive but Resistance is getting in the way. Hopefully your post will help a few people on the Cliff of Greatness actually take the leap! 🙂

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for your comment and I couldn’t agree more about resistance. I love “the Cliff of Greatness” too, it’s a good way of putting it. Have you read “Do the World” by any chance? Good book to recommend to anyone having trouble jumping off that Cliff of Greatness 😉

      1. Hey Natalie, I haven’t read it and I also can’t seem to find it online. Can you tell me who the author is?

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  6. Thanks Natalie – you’re tips are very helpful. I especially liked the one about keeping your health a priority. It’s so easy to postpone going to yoga classes when the to-do list isn’t budging. That’s why your other tip about delegating to your team comes in so handy.

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