Banish Pre-Meeting Jitters

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at conducting department meetings or a speaking one on one with a new partner for the first time, you can’t avoid the fluttering of those butterflies in your stomach or the sudden need to chew your fingernails off thinking about whether or not everything will go smoothly. Kick your pre-meeting anxiety to the curb with these tips that have proved to be tried and true in keeping you fearless and strong all conference long!

Plan, Plan, Plan

It’s my belief that the early bird only got the worm because she had the good sense to make a strategy the night before on how to do so. Plan ahead and organize well in advance so you’re less likely to be nervous or caught off-guard once the meeting starts. Know what you will be discussing, make a list of all of the items you want to focus on, and be ready to take on any questions asked after with thoughtful answers you rehearsed in your head beforehand.

Listen to Music

Pacing back and forth muttering to yourself isn’t always the most ideal look you’d like associates filing into the room to see you in before the meeting starts! If you feel as though you’re as good as it’s going to get in terms of planning, make a playlist on your iPod with soothing songs to help you keep your calm or upbeat remixes to get you ready to take on the meeting like a boss.

Really Worried? Target Why That Is

Still sweating? Take a moment to target what it is about the meeting that worries you the most and focus your attention on that. Once you’ve identified that reason, remind yourself where you are and that you’ve got this and that in actuality there’s very little to be worried about.

Now go and get ’em!

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