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5 Empowering Words for Women

As we wrestle with life’s challenges, gain new awareness, and learn more about ourselves, words can take on new, deeper meanings.  Words like forgiveness, love, boundaries, and joy, become attached to personal experiences that make them rich and meaningful. Mary Cox Garner, author of The Hidden Souls of Words:  Keys to Transformation Through the Power […]

In the Age of the Platform, the Sky is the Limit

In Phil Simon’s excellent new book, The Age of the Platform, he writes about how platforms have become more important than ever. He focuses on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google–aka, the Gang of Four. Beyond those ever-present companies, he discusses emerging platforms like WordPress and Twitter. At TorranceLearning, the elearning company I run, we leverage […]

ABC’s “Work It” and the Myth of the “Mancession”

“Women are taking over the workforce. Soon they’ll just start getting rid of the men,” says a character on ABC’s new sitcom, “Work It.” Obviously the writers and powers that be at ABC failed to check the facts before creating a comedy based on the mythological “mancession” that simply does not exist. A recent national […]

How to Avoid the Top 5 Entrepreneurial Mistakes Made By Women

*This is a guest post by bestselling author and woman extraordinaire, Dr. Lois Frankel* As an entrepreneur who has operated her own business for over two decades, I’ve made – and learned from – my fair share of mistakes. The traits needed to start a business, aren’t the same ones needed to maintain and grow […]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Has the Right To Be Seen

Hillary Clinton disappeared from one of the most historic scenes in recent American history and most people would not know it happened. Editors of the Hasidic weekly Der Tzitung photoshopped the US Secretary of State and another woman out of the scene in which Mrs. Clinton, seated near President Obama, was watching the progress of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

Chevy Volt Engineers Answer: How Do You Manage a Work/Life Balance?

Looking for work/life balance? Aren’t we all? Below are three phenomenal female engineers (and moms!) on the Chevrolet Volt team who are creating a work/life balance that works! These ladies not only play a pivotal role on the innovative new electric plug-in vehicle, but they also play an integral role in their home-life. So, we asked them: How do you balance work/life?

Girl On Top: A Candid Interview With Bestselling Author Nicole Williams

Joining She Takes on the World is Nicole Williams, author of the book ‘Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success.’ Nicole is also founder of The Works, which appeared alongside She Takes on the World on Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women. Nicole has been featured in Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, […]

Time Management: Why You Need To Stop Stealing

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Back in March I wrote a post that was pretty popular on Forbes Work in Progress blog called How to Catch a Time Thief and Get More Done. The essence of this post, as you can imagine was how to reclaim your time, and more importantly put it to better use. […]

Get Out of Debt: Put Your Money On Auto Pilot

Image courtesy of Shutterstock When it comes to paying off debt, most people focus on cutting out small items, like lattes.  But it’s the BIG WINS that matter most, according to author of The New York Times best-selling book and blog I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Ramit Sethi.  For example, he points out […]

August 26, 2010: Women’s Equality Day

Image courtesy of Shutterstock August 26 officially marks 90 years since American women have been allowed to vote. Most anniversaries are nostalgic, with the news media hauling out newsreel footage from their archives to give viewers a glimpse of a world they barely recognize. But for women’s equality, how different are things than they were […]

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Digital Reputation

Social media has given us great ways to protect and build our digital reputations. Today we have the ease of searching conversations, the ability to set alerts to help us monitor our names, the constant availability of learning opportunities and more ways to communicate and interact with others. All of these tools, which were not available just a few years ago, now make it possible for us to be proactive in maintaining, building and protecting our good name. Here are five easy ways to do just that:

How to Survive the Afternoon Crash

When it comes to a nap or tending to the excel report the choice is an obvious one, but I’ve tried and been successful with five slump busters to stave off afternoon fatigue to share with my fellow ‘yawners’.

What I Learned from Leftovers

Image courtesy of Shutterstock I love leftovers. As a stay-at-home mom, wife and professional blogger, time is not on my side. I’m a fan of quick, home cooked meals. But with time rooting for the other team, it’s impossible to cook every single evening. To solve my food prep dilemma, I initially cook enough for […]

A Glimpse Into the She-conomy Following the Recession

Image courtesy of Shutterstock New national survey from Women & Co. reveals affluent women applying their growing financial knowledge and influence to break down taboo of talking about money and impart financial lessons. Women in the Workforce In the wake of the recession, women in the workforce are on the verge of outnumbering men in […]

Winning Strategies for Starting a Business Part 1 of 3

This is a guest series by Jane Wesman. Jane is the president of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc., a firm that creates high impact book publicity campaigns for publishers and writers. She is also the author of Dive Right In -The Sharks Won’t Bite: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Success. Do you dream about starting […]

Are You Happy? A Personal Exploration of Women’s Declining Happiness

This is the first post by She Takes On The World’s newest contributor, Molly Castelazo of Castelazo Marketing Ltd. Read more about Molly here. A couple of weeks ago Marcus Buckingham wrote in the Huffington Post about a study showing that women today are less happy than in 1972.  Men, on the other hand, are […]

Get Financially Fit

This summer, while focusing on your physical fitness, why not spend some time on your fiscal fitness as well? Like fitness, when it comes to finances, setting goals is a key to your success. A recent Women & Co. study found that 93% of affluent women set financial objectives. To help you define your financial […]

Women on a Mission: Saving Money Equals Making More Money

So often you hear you have to spend money to make money, and I believe that is true… but… the key is to spend wisely. Put thought into where that money is going and if and how much it’s really going to benefit. Get the best bang for your buck! How often do we decide […]

Learn How to Develop a Better Relationship With Your Finances

Experts Share Tips to Separating Money & Emotions this Valentine’s Day. Many of us may consider our relationship with our money a “love-hate” one – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just like any other relationship in your life, in order for it to be a success, your relationship with money requires a […]