Danielle Dowling

Enough With Feeling Guilty

“I shouldn’t be into him, but I totally am. Shouldn’t I be looking for someone who makes more money?” “That corner office.  I want it. I feel bad for letting my ambition consume me, but I want my name on that door more than I want anything else.” “Everyone I know is settling down.  I guess […]

You’re Not Going To Die

IF you don’t get the job, the call-back, the promotion. If you max out your credit-cards, wipe out your savings, lose every cent in your checking account…. You’ll still be ok. If your lover leaves you or the relationship you have tirelessly nurtured withers and ends… You’ll survive. If you flub your words, regretfully overstep […]

If You Want Something, Ask

“Ask and ye shall receive.” Try it. Enough with the vacillating. Extinguish the proverbial second guess. You deserve what you want, so speak up! Few people are mind readers.  We can’t expect others to just “know.” When you cease to express your needs, wants, and desires, you suspend the right to be disappointed when you don’t get what you […]