Assume You’ll be Researched

Here at MyCorporation we have recently been playing the hiring game. Having been the CEO for more than a few years now, I find it interesting to observe how the art of hiring a new employee has changed over the years.

Hiring someone used to mean a couple interviews, some discussion among team members, and a background check. Now, additionally, as the hire-er you can do a little pre background checking of your own.

I have found, just as I’m sure the majority of CEOs have, that doing a quick Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google (just for good measure) search prior to the first interview can be highly beneficial. Akin to those responsible student days in college when you would show up to a class having read the chapter you were learning that day (we all did that, right?). Doing a little harmless social media stalking prior to the interview will give you a heads up with what you’re about to be looking at.

I believe having a real person in the office is just as important as having a qualified person in the office. I want to know if you go on fun outings on the weekends, I want to know if you have a family and what they’re like, I want to know you can get along with the rest of my employees.

That being said, I will look at your Facebook prior to having you in in order to see if indeed you do have a family so I know what sort of questions to ask about them (after we discuss your experience, of course).

So if you’re currently of the job-searching variety, assume your potential employer has done his/her research prior to having you in for an interview. You might want to Google your name and see what comes up!

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1 thought on “Assume You’ll be Researched

  1. Good common sense – and it helps keep the “junk” from the social media sites, if people realize they could jeopardize their careers by being a little too juvenile in their posts!

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