Are You Winning At The Name Game?

Name Your Business

Are you struggling with naming your business or new product? When you’re trying to come up with a great name, sometimes you just have to be patient and wait until you have that, “This is it!” gut feeling.

This happened for me when I was trying to decide on a name for my blog – “She Takes on the World” actually came to me in a dream and I loved it so much I had to jot it down right there in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t forget. The next morning when I read over those notes, I had that full body, “Yes, this is it!” feeling. The rest is history, and today She Takes on the World is my own little empire.

While a great business or product name – something memorable, interesting, and most importantly, obvious – can’t be forced, you can help to coax it into existence. In today’s episode, I’ll show you how to find the perfect name for your business, or you next product or service offering:


No matter what name you ultimately decide on, just remember patience is key! You hope to be living with this name for a long time to come and having to change the name down the road can be expensive.

I’m also giving you a free downloadable today, my “Name That Business!” worksheet PDF, that will help you take action on what you’ve learned in this episode. This name generator tool includes two fun exercises for stirring your creative muse and discovering an amazing name for your product or business. To grab your FREE worksheet, click below:

Your actionable this week is to use my “Name Your Business Generator” to help discover YOUR perfect business name. I also have a fun Naming Matrix for you in my new book, The Conquer Kit: A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs, so be sure to check that out at I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me know what name you chose for your business, and why.

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14 thoughts on “Are You Winning At The Name Game?

  1. I am a big fan of your and I absolutely enjoy every episodes, but this one is definitely my favourite. it’s s great timing- I’m working on a new product idea and I find the naming part the most difficult! I think especially for someone whose English isn’t a first language, coming up with a very good name, is a pretty big challenge. Thank you for the tips! As soon as I have thr name, I’ll share here:)

  2. Just like Mags and Maryanne,
    This episode couldn’t be more timely as I’ve just been immersed in finding a sexy meaningful name for my new business. I even held a friendly event at my place on BRAND-Storming to come up with a name with my friends although it didn’t come up! We had a few “This is it” moments although the domain was already taken.
    I have overloaded myself with content, words, etc that resonate with me and my company so I will wait for the “lightbulb” moment to happen.
    Thanks for the motivational video, words and energy!
    Have a fabulous day Natalie!
    Andree 🙂

    1. Hello Andree! Thanks for commenting, and I’m happy to hear this video came to you at just the right time. Did you grab the worksheet with this video? I’d love to know if you’ve had a chance to use it, and if it’s helping you to narrow down your name. I know you’ll come up with something fabulous soon. 🙂

  3. I am a big fan and I so love this article. I regret that this came after I have chosen a name for my website. I ended up with the name Entreprenalchemy. My thoughts when I created that name were: (a) it is for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur and the alchemy (transformation) is the uncommon process that will guide the entrepreneurs to the right steps or solutions to their problem/s
    Well, I just broke rules 2 & 3 – the name is not easy to pronounce or spell and it is not short or sweet. Memorability is debatable. Since my website is still new (less than 3 months) I am debating if I should start all over and find a better domain name.
    What do you think, Natalie? Should I stick to it or find another name?

    1. Hi there Pacita! I’m so happy this was timely for you, and thanks for sharing.

      My honest opinion is that there’s a better name for your business. I don’t think you need to combine entrepreneur and alchemy into one word for a business name. Entrepreneur Alchemy resonates more with me than combining that into Entreprenalchemy. Is Entrepreneur Alchemy available, or something along those lines? Think about it. It is always better to change a business name earlier on than later.

  4. Another gem of a video, and a great subject! It’s easy to get caught up in all the details, but when it comes down to the name, most of us get overwhelmed. This was just the checklist I needed 🙂

    1. Perfect! So glad you found this when you needed it Victoria. And thank you for the kind words. 🙂

  5. The name that came to me in my journal writing process over a year ago was Inhabit Awesome. I have let the name tell me what it wants to be,, and so far it looks like a kooky fun business about reminding people of the everyday awesome things in life, having a membership community where people get to share their awesome, and selling magnets, stickers, stationery, t-shirts, posters, etc based on this philosophy. There might also be card decks and books.

    1. Lee Lee, this is such a fun idea! I adore that name, and love your business concept. Please keep us posted on how this is coming together for you, and if you find you’d like more support, we’ll be opening up the doors again to The Conquer Club ( this fall and would love to help you fully realize your big business dreams. Hugs to you!

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