Are You Scared To Go “All In” On Your Big Idea?

Natalie MacNeil talks about how to invest fully in your business

Today, I’m taking a question from Amy via Facebook about investing in your business. Amy writes, “Natalie, you always talk about the importance of investing in your business but I’m absolutely terrified to do that! I’m so afraid to pull from my savings, and I don’t want to take on a loan or any debt to build my business. Is it really something I have to do, or am I just being crazy?”

This is a really common concern, Amy. But, it is 100% absolutely necessary to invest in yourself and your business if you want to grow. (Click to tweet!)

In this week’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I want to talk to you about this very important topic and ask a few questions to help you consider what’s holding you back from investing in your business more fully.



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To recap, here are three steps to investing more in your most important asset: YOU!

1. Get honest with your intuition: Why aren’t you willing to go all-in on your idea? It could be a limiting belief, lack of experience, or not enough confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.

2. Take action where you can. Do you think you need more experience or testimonials under your belt before you can fully invest? Then go get them! Do you think your ebook is under-designed and amateurish? Then maybe it is. There’s a difference between imposter syndrome and real, legitimate concerns.Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

3. When you look polished and professional, you feel polished and professional. Is your “professional” head shot your latest Facebook profile pic that you simply cropped your friends out of? It’s hard to get excited about your business when you don’t have business cards and you’ve got a .blogger or .wordpress domain name. I’d recommend reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield — he talks about a bunch of different areas you need to “turn pro” in if you’re going to be the best at what you do.

My actionable for you this week is to invest SOMETHING into your business, to get that money stream flowing.

So think about the one thing you need the most help with – your site design, social media, SEO – and write, “I’m willing to invest X amount of dollars into ____________ because this dream I have is totally worth it and that investment will come back to me tenfold.” Then write a date by which you’ll make that investment. And I’d love for you to share this statement with all of us in a comment below!

Remember, your first investment doesn’t have to be huge, but when you step up and invest in yourself you say, “I’m worth it, my idea is worth it!”

Disclaimer: Sometimes I include affiliate links in posts, like the one to Steven Pressfield’s book above, BUT I only recommend things when I’ve tried them myself and know the product or service can help you too.

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16 thoughts on “Are You Scared To Go “All In” On Your Big Idea?

  1. I love this exercise Natalie! I see it all the time too, and I’ve done it in my business too – being strategic about our business investments can pay off big time, and being too stingy can slow down our growth too.

    It’s a fine balance though, because you need to understand the realistic return on investment that you’re making, and not just investing with your eyes closed hoping it’s going to work out somehow.

    1. I totally agree it’s a fine balance, and one that is oh so important to get right so you can get moving. I also think some of us are natural risk takers, and others are naturally uncomfortable with risk.

      I always love seeing your face around here by the way 🙂

  2. Hi Natalie!
    This is so timely today. My LLC papers came back from the attorney YESTERDAY and I find myself coming up with all manner of distractions to avoid taking the plunge and charge ahead with my new business. I realized – I am scared! It is so hard to write that. So my commitment, I am going to order Turning Pro and read it. I am going to see that the tiny start up budget I created is wisely spent to quickly get me out there in a professional yet sassy manner so that I can land a client by June 2014!

    Thank you for the inspiration,


  3. Hi Natalie, I am an artist who paints large abstract canvasses with layers of vibrant and bold colour ! My dream for the past couple of years has been to sell my paintings at the Art Expo in New York! Thanks to your video post and other factors, I have just put a deposit down on a booth to sell my paintings at Art Expo in New York in 2015! I will now be saving like crazy for this huge investment but I know this will be worth it!

    Thanks for all your support and I’ll keep you posted!

  4. I agree that wise investment of money in oneself is a wise move. But perhaps the “wise” part is more important than the “money” part. There are countless stories of successful people who started with absolutely no money. And also spectacular failures despite tons of money pouring in, such as in the dot com era.

    On reflection, I think a wise investment would be to put my money into some test marketing. Losses have to be accepted on some things that will be found to not work, but those losses can be minimised to a preset level. On the other hand, gains can be multiplied by investing more into what does work.

    Good to be reminded, Natalie, about the importance of reinvesting most income in the early stages. Thank you for that.

  5. I know! I so have this problem! But, I invested in a coach in February. And, just yesterday, I paid the fee to have my Teacher Training course evaluated for CEC for the American Council on Exercise. If I really want caBARREt to be a profession barre+burlesque program, I need the accreditation behind it! So, I paid the fee and await their approval!

  6. Thanks for this Natalie such timely and vital wisdom and definitely my growing edge. I am happy to report that I have bitten the bullet and just invested in a new website and logo, a video course and a course in developing my skills as a thought-leader.
    Gulp, but it’s not about me, it’s about the message.

  7. I’m willing to invest into converting my business to a limited company, because this dream I have is totally worth it and that investment will come back to me tenfold.

    I’ve also invested recently in getting InfusionSoft instead of other systems, hiring a regular part-time assistant and business training courses like BSchool with Marie…

    Great post, thanks!

  8. So true! Loved this. I do believe in constant improvement and learning. I’ve been reinvesting every cent into programs and courses that I know will allow me to grow with my business and help others with the same.

  9. Natalie, Great episode! I have asked myself repeatedly, how many times do I have to be in this uncomfortable position, unsure about whether or not this investment will pay off?? Well, as you know, that’s all a part of growing a business — you’ve got to embrace the growing pains when they come, and be okay continually pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

    I am building a team this year, and if I were to stay wrapped up in the “what if’s” of the future, I would be frozen in fear and make no progress in the present. I face the battle with my fear one challenge at a time. As my business coach has taught me, fear is simply a lack of information. And that’s true. Looking at how the brain works, if you are facing a challenge and are determining your ability to meet the challenge, you must ask and answer all the questions running through your mind. If you leave questions unanswered, your imagination’s job is to fill in the blanks, which it tends to do with what if’s and worst-case-scenarios. So don’t leave gaps. Take the time to gather all the information you can to eliminate the questions that are holding you back. At least then you can commit to a plan and either move forward, laterally, or pause. Sometimes fear is a wake-up call to help you see something that needs to be addressed first, other times it is just lack of relevant information necessary to commit to a path with both feet. My challenge to your readers is to make fear an asset, not a hindrance to growth. 🙂

    I am pushing past my fear by simply getting a handle on the numbers in my business. Numbers don’t lie, and when you take the time to create projections and understand your margins it’s much easier to measure the risk and commit to taking the leap. Will it always pay off? Maybe not. But if you don’t push outside your comfort zone, you’ll never know just how far you can go.

  10. I’m willing to invest $10,000.00 into developing a professional online YTT training site in 2015 because this dream I have is totally worth it and that investment will come back to me tenfold. DUE DATE: June 2015

    The challenge I have, Natalie, is that I need better guidance on how to measure ROI. I think confidence in investing is relative: The better I understand how $1000 can – and likely WILL – become $5000, the easier it is to see the logic in investing and do it. If I know ROI, then it’s not “Can I afford to lose $1000 if this doesn’t work?” and becomes “How many $1000 investments do I want to make, based on how much $5000 returns I want right now?” The latter is infinitely more empowered. Do you have resources for figuring out ROI?

  11. I can absolutely relate to the fear factor on this. I’m getting read y to sell my house to invest the invome back into my business. It’s a huge move for me, one I’m still struggling with each day. But I have to believe in my idea more than anyone else. 🙂 great topic!

  12. It’s so true about the investment of money. I used to not spend any, thinking that it would all be done by myself. I now spend wisely on things that will help me. I held back on the my websites — but eventually, it will get done. I spent quite a bit over the last 6 months, and yet I know it was the right thing to do — I’m further ahead than I was.


  13. I’m so skeptical of investment more money into my business. I’ve already spent a great deal this year (coach, tools, programs). I need to make some before I spend more.

    Having said that, I’m quitting my job for good at the end of August (mayby earlier on the transition plan). That for me was the step that I needed to do in order to fully commit. I do feel like I’m ready ( I’m working to build up at least 2 clients a month starting in July, so that by the end of the year, I have a full running business.

    I’m Willing to invest X amount of dollars into The Next Year to make my coaching/healing business a 6 Figure income in this dream because I am totally worth it and this investment will come back tenfold.

    Thanks — it actually makes me feel better to reply.


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