Add More ~ing to Your Life: Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

The New York Times calls her “the next generation guru.” She is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and sought after life coach. Today I’m pleased to be interviewing Gabrielle Bernstein about her new book, Add More ~ing to Your Life.

Natalie: What led you to write Add More ~ing to Your Life? And for those who don’t know, what is ~ing?

Gabrielle: ~ing stands for inner guidance. Our ~ing is our intuition and our inspiration. ~ing is the cheerleader in the back of our mind that guides us to love ourselves.

The inspiration behind this book stems from my own personal journey of reconnecting with my ~ing. At the age of twenty-five I experienced an existential crisis and hit bottom. I was living on the outside thinking that happiness came from a new boyfriend or a pair of shoes. None of that worked. Thus, I turned inward. As a result of my inner journey I began studying A Course in Miracles and became a metaphysics junky. Since 2005, I’ve taken the spiritual principles I’ve learned and translated them for my generation and myself. As a life coach and motivational speaker I was able to test-drive the tools firsthand and therefore testify to every method included throughout the book.

Natalie: How do you find time for more ~ing and where do you recommend people begin?

Gabrielle: Someone asked me the question about time at a recent lecture. My answer was, “Do you have time to feel shitty?” Excuse my French, but I’m clearly not messing around. If you make the commitment to activate the ~ing in your life you inevitably have more time. You spend less time worrying, complaining and cleaning up the mess you create as a result of having low energy.

The best place to begin is with a full surrender. Willingness will get you everywhere. With the willingness to release fear and connect to your ~ing you’ll be guided to make necessary changes.

Natalie: Something that struck me since this blog is read by many women who have a small business or are thinking about starting a business is when you talked about your own leap into entrepreneurship. You said someone asked you if you were afraid to start your own business and your reply was that you were more afraid not to. What advice do you have for people thinking about starting a business or thinking about starting anything really.

Gabrielle: My advice to anyone in start up mode is to make sure they believe in what they’re doing. When you believe in yourself and the work you do, the world reflects that back to you. Before you begin “starting up” I suggest you do a serious mental inventory of your thought process around the work. If you have any fear whatsoever I suggest you work on that before you start creating a business. You want to build your house on rock, not on sand. Make sure the energy behind your business is aligned with the positive thoughts of your ~inner guide. If you’re looking for a support network while starting up your business join the Career Connections Power Posse of my site Her Future (for women to find mentors and be mentors).

Natalie: How can we use the manifesting equation that you talk about for our careers or businesses?

Gabrielle: The manifesting equation helps you co-create with the energy that is around you. By that point in the book you’ve done a lot of work to connect to your ~ing. As a result, of you can use the manifesting equation to help you use that connection as a tool for turning your desires into form. I strongly suggest taking the previous chapters very seriously before you embark on manifestation. You don’t want to call in your desires and not be able to keep them.

Natalie: What is a day like “in your heels” or in your bare feet? I noticed you in bare feet throughout the book!

Gabrielle: I have very cool days! Before I even open my eyes I turn my palms upward (to receive energy) and I thank the Universe for everything I’ve been given. I then pray for my day to be guided and turn my will and my life over to the care of my ~ing. Then I get up and do my meditation. Following my hour meditation I check some emails, post a tweet and review my schedule for the day. I’ll often have a few coaching sessions interspersed throughout the day. In between I’ll send out promotional emails for my book, write blogs and prepare for the coming lecture. I lecture once a week right now -which I LOVE! I always hit the gym or jump on the trampoline at some point. At night I like to cook dinner for my boyfriend. After dinner I take a bath. Taking a bath is very meditative for me. I light candles and use Epson salts. I love this stuff.

Natalie: Thank you for sharing your story Gabrielle.

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5 thoughts on “Add More ~ing to Your Life: Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

  1. I have recently started my own business, so these words are very inspiring for me to stay focused and on track. Having worked for big corporations all my life, I chose to “reinvent” myself so to speak when I was laid off last Spring. For me, it’s been many “ing” experiences – exhilarating, exhausting, intimidating and a true awakening! I hope I get to win Gabrielle’s book!

  2. I have thought many times about starting a business, but alas, am still in the fear stage. I’d like to get more in touch with my “ing” and your book aounds like a great place to start!

  3. I think I lost my ~ing during childhood and I’ve had a hard time getting it back. This sounds like a great book to begin the new year and create change in my way of thinking.

  4. The winners of the free copies of Add More ~ing to Your Life are Cynthiia and Lisa. Your books are in the mail.

    Heather, I talk to many women in your position who are thinking about starting a business and haven’t quite got over the fear. My advice is that there’s no perfect time to start a business and you really just have to create a plan and take the plunge. If you need any help or a little push please email me

  5. What an inspirational interview. Over a year ago, I came out of a rough break-up and tapped into my spiritual side. I realized I was giving away so much love and getting nothing in return and that I forgot to love myself. Ever-since then, I learned how to be truly independent and work in harmony with the universe.

    I’m intrigued by strong women and success stories of female entrepreneurs. Although I do not have my own business, I’ve been told several times that I embody the entrepreneurial spirit. I like taking the lead in projects and I know that if I put my time, heart, and mind into something I believe in, it will be a positive turnout. I like to make my own rules and challenge the status quo. I don’t like titles- I’d rather be asked “Who do you want to be?” rather than “What do you do?”

    That’s why I find this site to be very informative. Reading about women entrepreneur’s journeys motivate me to continue on my path, until I find my true calling. The ~ing concept is new to me- this book sounds right up my ally!
    .-= Rita Luppino´s last blog ..RitaLuppino- RT @85Broads- The problem with congress- 90 of congress sees it as their job- 10 views it as their passion- Reshma Saujani @reshma2010 =-.

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