9 Questions That Will Rock Your New Year

Create Your Business Compass

If you’ve ever gotten lost in the woods (or a giant mall parking lot) you know how helpful a compass can be.

And although it’s less north and south, and more marketing and distribution, a business compass can help you chart the direction you want your company to go in, and help you to stay on course.

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to help you create what I call my Business Compass, a 9-question business plan from The Conquer Kit that will keep you from losing your way AND make huge gains in the coming year.

Be sure to grab a pen and paper and then let’s dive into creating YOUR compass in the video below:


To help you work through these questions and create your own Business Compass for 2016, I have a worksheet and beautifully illustrated download for you to create a Business Compass when you buy a copy of The Conquer Kit, which you can grab at http://theconquerkit.com/.

When you purchase The Conquer Kit you’ll also be giving back during this holiday season. 50% of all my royalties from The Conquer Kit will be going to our Conquer Academy in Tanzania to build a secondary school for the students to be able to continue their education beyond primary. We can’t do it alone, and it’s important to build it in 2016 because if we don’t, some of our primary students will have no secondary school close enough for them to attend, effectively closing the door to further education and so many opportunities for them. This Christmas, I hope you’ll consider purchasing The Conquer Kit and supporting this worthy cause.

Once you’ve completed your Business Compass, be sure to post your plan on your office wall or — if you’re feeling creative — design it into a poster on Canva and print it out to fame and display on your desk. Like any good compass, once you’ve created this list you’ll want to keep it handy!

And be sure to let me know in a comment below what you think of this activity. Do you love it? Do you have other ideas for charting your business path in the coming year? Our community would love to hear what you think (and I would too)!

Cosmic hugs,

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