6 Things To Consider When Planning Your Launch Year

It’s that time of year again. Entrepreneurs world-wide are heads down, figuring out their business “plan of attack” for the next 12 months.

And if you’re like most of my clients, you might be planning how you can launch an eProgram in 2015.

As an eCourse strategist, I come to the rescue of entrepreneurs who are struggling to plan their launch year for their ePrograms, and in this two-part series I am going to give you a step-by-step process for gaining clarity, creating a plan, and implementing your launch calendar.


The beauty of a launch calendar

A launch calendar is a plan for the next 12 months that details exactly when you will be launching and running your ePrograms while still allowing plenty of time for planning, improvements, and…some much-needed rest and relaxation.

And let’s not forget your ideal client in this equation; while I believe in designing your business to fit your desired lifestyle, there’s no point launching at times of year that don’t suit your ideal client.

In part 1 of this series we’ll look at what you need to consider when planning your launch calendar. Let’s get started!

Consideration 1: How long is your eProgram?

The length of your program has a great bearing on your launch calendar. Obviously, if you run an annual program like a mastermind, you’ll likely only launch once a year, but if yours is a short-n-snappy, four-week eProgram, you might be able to launch four or more times during the year.

Consideration 2: How big is your reach?

While launching and running your eProgram just once a year might sound like bliss, it might not be the smartest approach if you’re still growing your list and building momentum for your program. Getting your program out into the market 3 or 4 times during the year might make more sense (and more money) in the early days of your business.

Consideration 4: When does it suit YOU to run your eProgram?

This comes down to a variety of factors such as: when your business is busiest, if you need to consider when your kids are on school holidays, or if you like to take extended travel at certain times of year. You want to make your launch calendar work for you, after all, as I imagine you created a business to gain more lifestyle freedom (not less)! (Click to tweet.)

Consideration 5: What about your ideal customers?

Remember them? When are they most likely to be seeking out this type of program? Do you need to consider school holidays for your ideal client? Do you have an international audience? If so, which times of year in different hemispheres do you want to try to avoid? For example, in Australia (where I come from), many of us take much of January off for summer vacation and our kids start back at school in February, but in the Northern Hemisphere the long summer break is in the middle of the year, between June-August. You don’t want to be launching when your ideal client is on holidays and not checking emails! Ultimately you need to think about your ideal participant and what times of year will be optimal to get their attention (and their enrollments) for your eProgram.

Consideration 6: How much time do you need for planning and implementation?

I see so many entrepreneurs make the mistake of filling out their launch calendar with constant launches and three or four different programs. I always recommend focusing on just one or two programs for live launches and having an achievable launch schedule. Constant launching and running of live programs is not only exhausting but it leaves no time for improving and implementing changes to your programs. Having this time to review and make improvements is critical to keeping your program at the top of your niche.

Oh, and vacations – remember them?

Time to regroup

So now I’d like you to take some time to think about these key considerations before we dive into part two of this series, where we’ll look at different eProgram launch frameworks and the nitty gritty of how to actually plan your launch year.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think. Are you planning your launch calendar to suit your desired lifestyle or is it restricting you even further? Have you remembered your ideal client in this equation? Or are you flying by the seat of your pants and not planning at all? Please share with us in a comment below.

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To continue on to Part 2 of this series, click here.


Kathryn Hocking helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses. An eCourse Expert and Launch Strategist, Kathryn built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs. Her signature offering, the eCourse Launch Formula, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in their lifestyle business through the creation of their very own profitable eCourse.

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