6 Simple Tips to Prepare for a Business Conference

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Attending a conference can be as productive as you plan it to be.  You will gain opportunities to communicate with many people, be inspired by great ideas, excited about future of your business and empowered to move your business forward.  To have the most successful experience, here are “6 Simple Tips to Prepare for a Business Conference.”

Tip 1: Preplan your Day

Most conferences require a full day of your time.  It is important to look and feel your best; wear appropriate and professional attire and comfortable shoes.  At past conferences, I’ve seen women walking bare footed at the end of the day.  Not a good look!

Tip 2: Pick your Sessions

If the conference agenda is available in advance, take time to map out a strategy to select sessions that are most beneficial to improve your skills.  At each session, actively participate by asking questions and taking notes.  Spend a few minutes after the presentation to introduce yourself to the presenter.

Tip 3: Practice your Pitch

You will meet a lot of people and have the opportunity of introducing yourself and business.  Make sure your message is clear and concise.  Fine tune your elevator pitch to make the most of your meeting.

Tip 4: Prepare to Network

This is a great opportunity to network with people.  The key is to meet new business contacts.  Depending on the size of the conference, make sure you visit the exhibitors and sponsors who might be prospective vendors or clients.

Tip 5: Bring Plenty of Marketing Material

The purpose of attending a conference is to market your business, right?  So, why not have a professional brochure, flyer and or business cards.  At the very least, have plenty of business cards to pass out.

With that being said, make sure the information on your business cards is accurate to avoid crossing out and handwriting your updated information.  Remember, image is everything!  A helpful suggestion, jot some details of people you meet on the back of their business cards to remember later.

Tip 6: Follow Up

Within the next week, make sure you follow up with e-mails, phone calls or a simple letter.  The key is to connect with potential people that can be beneficial to your company.

In conclusion, by deciding on the bottom line results you want to achieve, whether meeting certain presenters, attendees or vendors or attending a specific session,   make sure you get a great return on investment or ROI.

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5 thoughts on “6 Simple Tips to Prepare for a Business Conference

  1. Great suggestions Sylvia. A game plan is necessary or else you don’t know what you’re aiming for. Preparation before the conference is also key. You will run into people so what will you say, what can you give them to remember and contact you? Follow up is probably the most important aspect and to be what separates the men/women from the boys/girls.

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for your response. Yes, you are right, follow up is vitally important but often forgotten.
      Just think of all of the time put in to attend and network at a conference and not to follow up.


  2. Thanks for these great suggestions , u prepare yourself before any business conference is also a successive key, well u done awesome work . from that kind of suggestions we gain opportunities to communicate and inspire many business related peoples.

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