5 Easy Tools to Break Tough Patterns

OK, you got me.

I can’t hold it in any longer.

I have to gush about something for a sec:

I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much of my time helping people all over the world (like you) achieve their goals.

I know — it sounds pretty nerdy (and it is) but I refuse to be shy about dishing out my gratitude!

I’m so lucky to help people be who they want to be in the world, not only inside The Conquer Club and her on the blog, but also inside The FREE Goal Standard Challenge, too.

(By the way, we just kicked off Week 4 of the challenge! There’s still time to join us right here if you wish.)

And, after helping hundreds of people pass their milestones, crush their goals, and keep going, I’ve noticed something:

The most essential element of powerful, consistent goal achievement goes beyond just staying encouraged, productive, and focused.

In fact, this “essential element” is the reason why goal setting and goal getting can feel so uncomfortable. It brings up so much internally for all of us.

And that element is: your patterns.

Learning to handle your good and bad patterns, your emotional patterns, procrastination patterns, and more is critical if you are going to get out of your own way, and start making huge strides in your business and life.

The tricky things about patterns is, however, that they can feel impossible to change, especially if you’ve been grappling with yours for life.

However, I’ve got a truth nugget for you: Your patterns aren’t impossible to change at all.

In fact, with a few super-simple tools and tricks, you can put yourself on your way to breaking your most challenging patterns today.

That’s why I wanted to loop you in on that conversation with this week’s video inside The Goal Standard, where I talk all about this! Check it out below!

Inside this Week 3 video, we’ll dive into 5 tools you can put into play right now to shift your patterns, and get you back on the road to productivity:

  1. An exercise that pinpoints your patterns, and turns your limiting beliefs into limitless beliefs [-53:00]
  2. An easy step you can take right now to help you be more productive today [-46:00]
  3. The reason why I keep post-it notes all over my apartment (even inside my fridge!) [-47:31]
  4. The best way to manage your emotions when you get thrown off or distracted during the day [-43:50]
  5. A variation on a traditional to-do list that will help you get more done, sooner! [-19:43]

…  And more when you watch the live video & Q&A!

Still interested in joining The Goal Standard? Don’t be shy!

The Goal Standard is a FREE 5-week challenge designed to help you sprint toward what you want to achieve most, and learn a ton about the art and science of goal setting along the way.

It features coaching from me, Todd Herman, Chris Winfield, and Alli Schiller, designed to teach you the best productivity and planning strategies around, so you can get more done — sooner.

I’m live for the next two Fridays on the Entrepreneur Magazine Facebook page, walking you through what you learned that week, what your struggles and successes were, and how you can make your progress the following week even more incredible.

Happy pattern smashing, and I’ll catch you next week!

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