5 Business Investments You Can’t Afford Not To Make

5 Business Investments You Can't Afford Not To Make

Today we’re talking about business investments — not stocks and bonds, but the foundational things you’ve GOT to invest in if you want your business to succeed.

When you go “all in” on your business, you hustle like you’ve never hustled before. And when you’re in hustle mode, it can seem like a HUGE risk to allocate even more of your money into investments.

It’s been my experience, though, that investing in the right things, the right way, can yield really big returns for your business and build the foundation you need for future growth. Even though it might seem safer to not spend the money, it can be far riskier to not invest in these crucial areas when you’re working hard to get your business off the ground.

In today’s new episode of She Takes on the World TV we’re going to talk about the 5 investments you can’t afford NOT to make for your business:


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5 thoughts on “5 Business Investments You Can’t Afford Not To Make

  1. This spoke straight to me today… Not only because I’m a solopreneur, but also because I’m a photographer with a mission to help wellness professionals boost their brand identity through beautiful soulful imagery. This fall I decided to switch directions with my photography business, leaving behind portraiture in order to help promote people with wellness businesses because I noticed a major lack of beautiful and professional imagery being used by too many health coaches, nutritionists, massage therapists, spas and wellness advocates… I truly believe that there is a lack of accessible imagery for that purpose… but even more so, a lack of understanding of the true value of beautiful professional imagery and the power to promote a business. Thanks so much for touching on that. I hope to see even more on that subject! (And I would love to be a resource for future content!)

  2. I want to build my website and domain name this month. Any recommendations on what to use for a quality domain that has the potential to grow as my business does?

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