4 Reasons To Be In Favor Of Workplace Distractions

An article with Forbes I read recently proclaimed 10 ways to get more done at work, written by an anonymous Forbes staffer that I’m going to assume was a baby boomer because the tips given were old-school workplace protocol based. They included shutting off the Twitter account, checking your email only a couple times a day, and eliminating unnecessary meetings.

Just how is this effective again?

Technology today has manifested to the point where instead of subscribing to dozens of newspapers and digging through them to find the right news story, they are all available in bit.ly format in a Tweet on Twitter. On Twitter, it takes time to weed through specific articles to your job, but it’s worth it.

Social networks aren’t workplace distractions, rather they are there to better the personal development of an employee as well as the growth of an industry. A company in the know is a company that consumers will feel “gets them”- they understand the issues of the day and will learn and know how to respond to them. Here are my four cents (not two, there’s too many for just two!) on why getting distracted at work is beneficial:

Gets the creative juices flowing.

Depending on the type of industry you work in, this is crucial to your job performance. Coffee alone can’t be your only help here. News stories, photo blogs, and yes, even celebrity gossip are great fuel for the brain to help wake it up in the morning.

It’s interesting!

And fun! Enough said.

Breaks the day up into more manageable chunks to deal with.

A long day of work can often have you staring at the clock wondering when will it ever be 5 p.m. Avoid that action (it is noticeable when a worker isn’t fully engaged in their job) by breaking up the day with visits to Facebook. Do a chunk of work first and then “reward” yourself with 20 minutes at the site of your choice- work-approved that is!

By sharing the news, you can better bond with coworkers.

This also helps to strengthen the camaraderie of the workplace and engage your fellow workers in current events. Win-win all around!

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Be In Favor Of Workplace Distractions

  1. I do this! LOL 

    I take a ‘quick look’ at Facebook and Twitter for about 10 minutes each time I ‘complete’ a task. Unlike employees in the office, it’s easy to get lost in social networks when you’re a freelancer who works at home. There’s no ‘boss’ to check up on you, no office mates to remind you that break time is up. It’s a matter of discipline, really, and knowing when enough is enough! What I do is I spend an hour each day going through Facebook, Twitter, and my personal emails before doing the tasks at hand. It makes the ‘quick looks’ in between tasks possible. 🙂

  2. I think these breaks are healthy. It takes discipline of course, to make sure that you don’t slack off or gossip or get carried away tweeting or viewing friends’ photos on Facebook. Working the whole day in an office actually requires short, healthy breaks to stay productive!

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