4 Quick Tips to Effectively Handle Change

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As an entrepreneur, you should be willing to embrace change. Effectively handling change can be sometime difficult, especially if you weren’t expecting it. How well do you handle change? The most successful entrepreneurs not only embrace change, they actively seek it out knowing that greater fulfillment, success and growth is obtained when you can adapt to an ever changing market.

Some business owners find it difficult to adjust to change, often reluctant to adapt to new technology or even new internal changes that could help increase sales and growth. For example, over the past twenty years, Client A has written his invoices by hand, which takes many hours of staff time. Client B mails over 300 monthly newsletters to clients via snail mail costing several thousand dollars yearly.

Do you think Client A could benefit from investing in a computer and software accounting system such as QuickBooks or Quicken to manage his business? By adapting a new bookkeeping system it could increase his efficiency, thus, saving him time and money. Each month, Client B must create a new template, print, fold, and label and stamp each newsletter. Once she mails, it may take 3-5 days before her clients get it. On the other hand, think how efficient she would as well as how much she would save on time and money by using an internet based program such as Constant Contact, aWeber, or Mail Chimp to market to her clients. With the click of her send button, she could have those same e-newsletters reach her clients simultaneously.

4 tips for embracing change

#1: Gain support

Present your idea and encourage discussion from your employees.
Once they buy in and commit to adapting to the change, a clear written and verbal message should be conveyed to everyone.

#2: Focus

When you are considering change in your overall operations, develop a clear focused vision of the outcome(s) you are striving to reach, and then proceed cautiously to reach your vision and goals.

#3: Eliminate time-wasters

Embrace positive change and free yourself from processes that don’t work anymore and waste valuable time. You are only hurting yourself and your business.

#4: Avoid stagnation

Change does not mean that the world is going to collapse around you. Just go with the flow and see where change will take you. Remember that you control your life so do not let change control you.

What areas of your business need change right now? While change can be painful, it is necessary if you want your business to survive in an ever changing world. In today’s tech savvy business climate, the ability to be flexible is key!

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