Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs on Twitter

Twitter has been an incredible tool for connecting with like-minded people from around the world. I am always on the lookout for women entrepreneurs and women in business to follow, connect with, and learn from.

The following 30 women entrepreneurs have excellent twitter feeds to follow:

Jackie4_bigger@JackieBiz -Jackie is a business owner and blogger who tweets about business resources, inspiration, and opinions.

MAT_bigger@ManishaThakor -Manisha is a personal finance expert and author on women and money. Her tweets are geared towards helping you meet financial goals.

New_Cindy_Headshot_bigger@BrandYou -Cindy is a marketing strategist who tweets about how to create buzz for your brand.

patricia sutton@TheBizWoman -Patricia is an entrepreneur and writer who tweets tips and tidbits for women business owners.

bernadeen@Bernadeen -Bernadeen is a business coach who tweets small business tips, articles, and resources.

nikkipilkington@NikkiPilkington -Nikki owns an internet marketing company and tweets about search engine optimization.

Mom Biz Coach@MomBizCoach -Lara helps mom entrepreneurs grow their businesses and tweets about small business tips and resources.

tiffanie tillman@TiffanieTillman -Tiffanie is an entrepreneur and helps small business owners outsource work to have more time to grow their businesses.

NinaKaufmansmall_bigger@NinaKaufman -Nina is an award winning business lawyer who tweets legal tips and other resources for entrepreneurs.

simplicityinc@simplicityinc -A. Michelle helps solo entrepreneurs develop micro business plans and tweets useful business advice.

Alexandra_Levit@alevit -Alexandra is a bestselling business author and WSJ columnist who tweets valuable articles and advice.

lena_west@LenaWest -Lena is a social media strategist and writer who tweets about the impact of social media and other business tips.

jessica swanson@ShoestringGirl -Jessica is a marketer who tweets about promoting your business on a shoestring budget.

anita campbell@smallbiztrends -Anita is an expert on small business trends and her tweets will help you be more successful as a business owner.

leila samoodi@LeilaSamoodi -Leila is an accountant who will help you better understand the financial side of your business.

Lea-Woodward_bigger@LeaWoodward -Lea runs her business from places the world and tweets about how you can make your business location independent too.

smartwoman@smartwoman -Vicki is an entrepreneur and tweets about women, business and events for women entrepreneurs.

stephanie_pic2@sheconomy -Stephanie tweets about advertising, social media, branding, and marketing to women.

shelly_bigger@ShellyKramer -Shelly owns a marketing agency and shares branding and marketing strategies that work as well as those that don’t work.

allysonkapin@WomenWhoTech -Allyson champions women in the tech industry and tweets her opinions and helpful business resources.

Mirie_1_bigger@entreprediva -Mirie is a Life Design Coach and tweets inspirational quotes and insights for entrepreneurs.

kellykinganderson@startupprincess -Kelly’s goal is to empower women entrepreneurs and she tweets about various small business topics.

Kaira_Rouda_Head_Shot__2__bigger@KairaRouda -Kaira is an award winning author who tweets about how to build a unique and genuine brand.

jillfoster@JillFoster -Jill tweets about the power of communities, social media, and other business resources.

nicole-simon-73x73_bigger@NicoleSimon -Nicole is a sought after social media consultant in Europe who tweets about the latest social media happenings.

Coreesilvera@MarketLikeAChik -Coree is a marketer and shares tips and resources in social media, branding, and positive marketing mindset.

tamimccarthy@TamiMcCarthy -Tami is CEO of TMG Brand Communications and tweets interesting articles and comments on advertising and branding.

lindasmith@LindaCSmith -Linda has an excellent feed for entrepreneurs because she constantly tweets quality resources, tutorials, tips and articles.

clarelancaster@ClareLancaster -Clare is an internet marketer who shares online strategies and resources for women in business.

nancyfclark@NancyFClark -Nancy is an advocate for women in business and tweets business and career resources as well as facts about women in the workplace.

I realize there are many more amazing women entrepreneurs on twitter who are missing from this list and I invite you to share some of your favorites. For more women entrepreneurs on twitter, visit my twitter list of women entrepreneurs. And don’t forget to follow me @nataliemacneil for insights on women in business, resources for entrepreneurs, and interviews with successful women.

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19 thoughts on “Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs on Twitter

  1. What an inspiration it is to see all of these successful women. Thank you for posting this. I have recently been noticing more women than men in my building (which houses hundreds of companies and thousands of people). I see what a change this is from 100 years ago and what a blessing it is. Keep working hard ladies! The world is ours.
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  2. Thanks so much, Natalie! I’m honored to be among such a wonderful group of talented women. And thank you for your fabulous blog that helps keep us all connected, informed and at times, sane.

  3. Thanks for the comments about the post and about She Takes On The World 🙂 I greatly appreciate it.

    I agree Ms. Cupcake, we certainly have made a lot of progress. I just love recognizing the accomplishments of deserving and successful women.

  4. A remarkable group of women, for sure. But (and you knew there was a ‘but” coming), one woman omitted from this list is Melinda Emerson, @smallbizlady. Having worked with Melinda and watched the explosive growth of her weekly twitter chat (#smallbizchat) and her brand (which is to end small business failure), I would respectfully submit that you consider expanding your list from 30 to (at least) 31. In reality, and with props to all of the smart and thriving women-owned businesses, I suspect that you’d have to go way beyond 31 in order to compile a comprehensive list. This, however, is a really good start.

  5. Sonia, thank you for your comment. This list took awhile to put together and I would have to go way beyond this to compile a comprehensive list. I wanted to get this list posted and I’m already working on an extension. That’s why I asked for your recommendations at the end of the post. I think it’s great when we can work together to recognize and connect with fabulous women.

    By the way, Melinda is on my Twitter list of women entrepreneurs and will be included in the follow-up to this post.

  6. One of my most frequent grips has always been that these lists focus mainly on techy people. The ordinary non techy business people never get a mention, which is really sad.

    Some for your list – @ethnicsupplies Ida is truly inspirational and raises awareness for women in African countries to help themselves out of poverty. She is a good source of sustainable goods and trade advice.

    @bttradespace is operated by Amy Cutbill for BtTradespace. She helps promote the members of her community, sends them leads and supports them.

    @SuButcher architects, construction and all things iPhone, another person who is great to interact with and have a conversation with.

    @SallyOrmond a copywriter who tweets tips, advice and makes introductions.

    @bizvits Selena is a marketing consultant, although you would never know that from her tweets as she is subtle, unobtrusive and full of great advice and tips.

    Obviously a comprehensive list of twitter woman businesses would take forever, but it would just be nice to see some lists of women who have non internet business just for a change.
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  7. Natalie – Excellent (and I appreciate the vote of confidence).

    Thanks for bringing these 30 to light and the galvanizing support for women entrepreneurs. I am learning a lot from your blog – love the design.


  8. Thanks for the great response. I hope a few new women entrepreneurs are on your radar because of this post.

    Sarah, thank you for your feedback and for bringing some more amazing women to my attention. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to many countries and I have been inspired by women entrepreneurs from all over the world. I have been a champion of promoting the accomplishments of women no matter where they live or what they do and it is my goal to feature a variety of women on She Takes On The World.

    I do find that many entrepreneurs on twitter have internet businesses or a strong online presence which is why they invest time into twitter. The annual She Takes On The World Women of the Year Awards are coming up and this list will definitely be diverse. I invite you to nominate some of the deserving women you know.

    Thanks again to everyone for their comments and feedback. I really appreciate it! 🙂

  9. An amazing list of women and I am honored that you would include me in such good company!!

    One of my most favorite things about you, Natalie, is that you include women on your radar that are not only highly established in their niche, but also the emerging women entrepreneurial leaders. Thank you so much for keeping your ear to the ground and introducing us to women we should all be adding to our tribes!

    You are awesome! 🙂
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  10. Thanks for this list. Do you mind if I add myself? 🙂 @wileyccoyote…director of digital marketing for an enterprise social software company by day, ghost writer and all things social media by night. (Oh, and I’m a proud Mommy of one) 🙂

  11. I am happy to see and know women like you who really promote girl power. =) Just like you, I am also an advocate of women empowerment and I really believe that us women can do as much and as good as men. Thank you for the list of these amazing women entrepreneurs, it makes me even more willed to continue with this advocacy I have. With that being said, I want to share this amazing link to all of you. It will be about videos on how women entrepreneurs could effectively manage their time. I believe proper time management is a common dilemma among us women who strives to be ahead of our endeavors all the time. I really hope you could visit this link and let me know what you think:
    .-= Tracy Matthewman´s last blog ..List of Famous Entrepreneurs And Their Secret Weapon – Time Management =-.

  12. I love discovering these amazing women all in one spot and am following them all. Thank you so much for including me here. Your blog is on my daily “to read” list and I’m never disappointed. I made a decision three years ago to work only with women and the companies who market to women and I haven’t regretted it for a moment. I love the way we think, work, support one another and continue to believe that there is an infinite amount of abundance available in the world. Thank you for modeling that.

  13. Lists like these were so helpful when I first started on twitter. (I cringe when I see the “Top” Lists however this doesn’t use that language -ty). Some of these women I’m not currently following so it will be great to connect with them!

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