3 Systems For A Super Summer Break

Something really magical is taking place this week here at She Takes on the World headquarters, where my team and I are cooking up a special new project with the help of a dozen of our Conquer Club mentors and members.

Check out my view for the week, as I go to work in our studio, filming pretty much non-stop!My filming studio

Not only is it incredible to see an idea I’ve dreamed of for so long actually becoming a reality, it’s an inspiration to have so many successful, soulfully minded women gathered in one place, doing big things. And we’re having so much fun in the process!

On set at She Takes on the World


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After the hustle and bustle this week, my team and I will be going on our annual July sabbatical, and I’ll be running some of our “greatest hits” posts over the next several weeks. This sabbatical gives us the time to reflect and refocus so that we can be of highest service to you. We do still work, but only on the highest level stuff that we need to push forward on. It’s an idea I got from my friend Danielle LaPorte, who also does a yearly sabbatical with her team, and I’d recommend trying this out for yourself. No matter the size of your biz, taking a break is essential to getting to the next level. (Click to tweet!)

I believe everyone needs this downtime, but when it’s time to get away from it all, it’s not always easy for entrepreneurs to step back. That’s where Kelly Azevedo, our Conquer Club resident systems expert can help. In today’s post, she’s going to share 3 steps that will make your life so much easier when taking some much-needed vacation time.

Below is Kelly’s advice for setting yourself up for success with these 3 simple systems. Read through and then let us know in a comment below how you’re going to prepare your biz for your next vacation. (And we’d love to hear where you’re taking your vacation, too!)

1. Communicate with your clients

Giving your clients plenty of notice about any time out of the office is not only good business etiquette, but it will also ease their concerns. By ensuring that there’s a plan in place ahead of time you can reduce the number of requests that come in while you’re away. Whether or not your team will be handling requests, you’ll find it easier to get back into the workflow without lots of urgent emails pending.

Action Step: Two weeks before your vacation begins, write an email that explains how long you’ll be away and how requests will be handled while you’re out, and send it to all your clients and customers with whom you personally interact.

2. Plan ahead with your marketing

Even when you go on vacation, your business doesn’t have to! By scheduling content ahead of time, your audience will continue to “hear” from you even when you’re offline, which gives them a consistent experience with your brand and continues to bring in new leads and followers for you!

So, instead of taking a total break, consider re-publishing your most popular articles from the last year, sharing an infographic or two, posting a video, or adding guest posts to your site.

Action Step: For every week that you’ll be away, plan at least one weekly content piece for your blog and schedule regular social media updates via a social media management tool like Hootsuite.

3. Share your expectations with your team

A big part of being a responsible business owner is creating a plan for your team to follow when you’re on vacation. This might include projects they can work on in your absence, updates you’d like to see, or marketing tactics you want them to manage while you’re gone. What you don’t want is no work to be done, because it’ll make your first day back stressful and overwhelming.

Action Step: Decide what 3 things each team member should manage or work on while you’re gone and what check-ins or reports you want to see, then communicate this with your team at least two weeks before you leave.

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2 thoughts on “3 Systems For A Super Summer Break

  1. Well this just came into my world at the absolute perfect moment! I’m gearing up for a three-week trip where I want to disconnect as much as humanly possible. The tip to contact my key clients two weeks before leaving is key for me — I was wondering how to approach the subject and telling them how requests will be handled is the perfect solution. Thanks for the great advice!

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