3 Resolutions Your Small Business Needs to Keep

3 business resolutions to keep this year
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The hoopla of a New Year is fading out, we’re a few weeks into 2012, how are those new business resolutions going?

According to an article on examiner.com, four out of five people will not keep up their New Year’s resolutions; not very promising odds.

Though statistically hope looks quite bleak, here are the three business resolutions you need to uphold despite the odds:

Incorporate. If you are a small business owner, new or old, and have not legally incorporated your business or formed an LLC you are past due. With an incorporation your business not only achieves an air of legitimacy, but it will also protect your assets (forbid anything were to ever happen to your business) and save you money come tax season. I often hear the biggest fear of incorporating is dealing with the extensive paper work- that’s why you get in touch with a company whose job it is to help you step by step through the paper work, which really isn’t all that extensive after all.

Trademark. Like one of the best perks of incorporating, trademarking your business name or logo will help to protect your business. With a trademark, other businesses will be prevented from ever using your name or logo for their own business, thereby protecting your brand. This is an important step to take before your business does too much growing- protect it while it is still small and before anyone can take your name!

Ride the social media bandwagon! With your newly incorporated business and protected name, it is now time to share what it is you do with the world! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a blog are all now essential to spreading your brand- and why wouldn’t you when it’s free to have all of them? Though once you hop on that bandwagon, you have to stay on. Social media is only effective if it is successfully kept up. It’s an excellent way to communicate and get feedback from your customers, but if you’re not providing them with consistent dialogue you will lose their attention.

Do yourself a favor and be the 1 out of 5 this year. Your business doesn’t need to exercise more or call its mother once a week, but it could stand to go through with the resolutions above.

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5 thoughts on “3 Resolutions Your Small Business Needs to Keep

  1. Great advice. I’m just starting out (planning to officially launch my biz in June) and was planning to go with a sole proprietorship, but I may have to reconsider. Do you think it’s worth it to incorporate right off the bat?

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