3 Reasons Why You Should Be Pinning On Pinterest

Pinterest /Pin-ter-est

noun (place/thing), verb (in the form of repinning)

1. NY Times definition: a pinboard for online photos. You ‘pin’ photos onto a virtual corkboard based on your interests.

2. To pin a series of photos on various pinboards created by you exclusively. I decided to start repinning blueberry pie and oatmeal cookie pictures onto my Easy Baked Eats pinboard.

Pinterest holds the distinction of being the fastest website in history to crack 10 million visitors a month, no mean feat for a site that started off strictly invitation-only (now users may join via Facebook or Twitter). It even holds the reputation of being referred to as “Facebook for nice people.” Ready to join in on the frenzy? These three reasons will have you on pins and needles to try it out.

It’s Easy

Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your bookmark bar. Pick an image from the web page you like, choose a board to feature it on, write a caption, and click ‘Pin It.’ Et voila, your visual scrapbook has been created! Nothin’ to it.

Endless Pleasant Options

You’ll easily be able to find board after board of beautiful photos grouped together by theme (many of which include weddings and DIY). Pinterest is also noticeably sans advertisements which helps keep the site simplistic.

Sense of Community

While the Pinterest community is 80% female, pinboards themselves may range from being inspirational to funny but don’t come with the Facebook-induced subtext of “pay attention to how awesome I am!” You can like a photo and repin it but the pinning is done to reflect the idea of how awesome it would be to have the pin-created world come to life. Whether or not your audience likes it doesn’t matter- you don’t rely on numbers of followers to enable you to show off your personality.

By the way, you can follow She Takes on the World at pinterest.com/stotw. Come join us!

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Be Pinning On Pinterest

  1. I was thinking ‘oh no’ not another social media platform, but when I took a look I realised that I was not going to be able to resist. We use visuals a lot in our work and we are committed to right brain learning, so Pinterest is going to be great to experiment with!

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