3 No B.S. Marketing Strategies: An Interview with Maggie Patterson

Natalie MacNeil interviews Maggie Patterson

Hello again from South America, where I’ve been meditating, exploring without an agenda or hour-by-hour plan, and writing a new book. (Note: I know, I know…my latest book doesn’t even hit bookshelves ’til December 😉 )

Natalie MacNeil at Iguacu Falls

Being in new places is what tunes me into my creative energy like nothing else can, and staying in the creative flow is just effortless when I’m in such inspiring places. I’ve even recorded a new mediation series too…I’m on a roll!

Natalie MacNeil in Rio de Janiero

I *am* ready to head back to my home and She Takes on the World HQ, though. We have such an exciting fall lined up for you, and I’ll be sharing more details about that soon!

In the meantime, I’ve got a brand-new interview to share with you today that I think you’re going to get a lot of value from…it’s about no B.S. marketing (and let’s face it: there is A LOT of B.S. out there when it comes to marketing) and you’ll be learning from communications strategist Maggie Patterson.

In this interview, Maggie is going to share her top 3 strategies for marketing, 100% B.S. free. We’ll also discuss:

  • The real reason people are leaving your website, even if it’s the most gorgeous site ever built.
  • Why copy matters, and why you *must* give it a job to do. (‘Unemployed’ copy is bad for your biz!)
  • How to become friends with your conversion rates…when math’s not your thing.
  • The ‘power tools’ Maggie and I both use to track marketing performance and make big gains in our businesses.


Understanding what a few simple marketing metrics mean and how to respond to those numbers can take you out of Magical Thinking Land, where you’re spending all your time just trying to get people to your website and then hoping they somehow decide to buy from you.

Getting really tight on your marketing can change the fate of your business; being intentional puts you in the driver’s seat and really lets you hustle. (Click to tweet)

Ready to learn even more? My actionable for you this week is to join us for Orientation Week of Maggie’s No B.S. School of Marketing, a place where you get to reinvent your marketing (and how you think about it).

No B.S. Marketing School Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a week-long, 100% free (and fun!) event with a daily marketing lesson. No fluff; you’ll get in and you’ll get out. Best of all, each day you’ll get something done in your business that sets you on the path to marketing success. Sign up for free right here: https://rm167.isrefer.com/go/orientation/NatalieMacNeil/

Be sure to let us know in a comment below one thing you’d like to improve in your marketing today or if you have any questions…we’d love to hear from you!

Cosmic hugs,

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of the above advertised program and may receive compensation for sales generated through this course.

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4 thoughts on “3 No B.S. Marketing Strategies: An Interview with Maggie Patterson

  1. “Cheesecake factory” – Maggie cracks me up!
    It’s so true to bring the focus back to conversion rate. It’s so easy to get distracted and have *shiny object syndrome* with All The Things that need to be done. Thanks ladies!

    1. Thanks for sharing Katie. Analytics can be super distracting, but it sounds like you know how to focus on what matters. So glad to hear it!

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