How-To Skype: The Business Skyping Etiquette You Have to Know

Every week, I have a meeting with my social media team that involves us Skyping in one of our employees who initially started off working at our headquarters and is now currently studying aboard in Ireland. These meetings are the highlight of the week for the team as we crowd around the monitor talking both on and off topic about  what everyone has been working on and cracking up as everyone gently teases one another. Sometimes these good times are cut short though and not on purpose either- little things like a mic malfunction or a second where we lose internet connection can cause a few minutes of confusion and reorientation as we work to get the system back up and running.

Personal Skyping in the workplace has just as many rules as professional Skyping does. Consider these three in particular the next time you have a casual chat with your team in the office.


Have a strong internet connection.

This is an important rule for both parties to keep in mind when discussing important new accounts that have been landed. It’s embarrassing to have the connection cut out in the middle of an important conversation and having to repeat yourself all over again! Be sure that your webcam and microphone are also well-equipped and working too.


Stay on task.

It’s easy during a less than professional meeting online to get off topic and discuss other things, but remember to bring the focus back around to the topics at hand and keep a list handy of all of the points you want to make.


Keep the conversation relatively short.

If you meet once a week, try for a half hour to 45 minutes at the most. Any more than that and everyone will start zoning out!

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2 thoughts on “How-To Skype: The Business Skyping Etiquette You Have to Know

  1. Great Skype tips, Deborah! I adore Skype and use it frequently for calls with clients or connecting with people that I love. It’s a wonderful tool! 🙂

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