3 Must Haves For a Business Conference

“Wow, what an incredible business conference that was!” is a phrase that we don’t often find ourselves saying after leaving a conference event for the day for multiple reasons. Maybe the WiFi was spotty, the sessions started late, the topics got off the subject, the room was cold… and the list goes on. In fact, it never ends because business meetings rarely please every participant in attendance. But there are ways to make life easier for those on the list and to make a business seminar one that you’ll anticipate attending again in the future.

1) Charging Stations

Ever look around a room during a panel discussion and notice the sheer amount of people typing on their laptops, tweeting on their iPhones, and recording the event using a SpeakEasy app? One of the biggest problems with conferences in general is the lack of charging stations or outlets to plug your electronics into – after all, batteries die early on and not everyone thinks to bring along a charging cord. Try to have desks or stand alone charging stations set up to accommodate all types of smartphones.

2) Food and Drink Options

My social media manager recently attended a conference that offered a breakfast spread in the morning but switched over to beer and warm pretzels in the afternoon. Switch up the traditional conference food options by offering something different that everyone will enjoy, whether it’s Starbucks coffee and pastries catered in, a selection of healthy snacks, or a cocktail hour after the conference ends.

3) Keep it Short and Sweet

For discussions, keep the sessions short, the breaks in between included, and the lunch hours lengthy. During the breaks, these are excellent opportunities to get to ask the speakers additional questions, network with other professionals, and refuel for the afternoon!

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2 thoughts on “3 Must Haves For a Business Conference

  1. Charging stations is such a great idea. I will be using that idea for sure!!

    Thanks Deborah!!

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