10 Best Business and Personal Growth Books You Need to Read

My idea of a perfect day includes getting cozy in front of the fireplace with a good book.

There’s nothing like laying in my chaise lounger in PJs, sipping on an almond milk bambuccino, and learning a new thing or two from other entrepreneurs and authors… Ahh, bliss.

So I thought it would be cool to do today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV in front of my fireplace, and take you on a tour of some great books for women entrepreneurs.

If you’ve caught yourself saying “What book should I read next?” or “I need a good book to read,” I’ve got your back today. When you’re done watching, read on to find out how you can win a free copy of a few of the books on my bookshelf, including my own. 😉

Watch the episode below (or click here):

Here’s the full list in case a few of these piqued your interest:

You: The Owner’s Manual
The Fire Starter Sessions
The Big Enough Company
Cocktail Party Economics
Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World
Entrepreneur Equation
Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton
Wander Woman
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
The War of Art

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your favorite book? Have you read a book that women entrepreneurs just have to get their hands on? Let us know in a comment below.

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60 thoughts on “10 Best Business and Personal Growth Books You Need to Read

  1. I see your book giveaway section says comments need to be left by February 8th, but the post was added today. Is this supposed to be Feb 18th?

    1. Love Simon Sinek’s books and talks! Years ago one of my teachers would ask “Why?” several times when you were presenting an idea or something you wanted to write about. It stuck, and I would do the same thing with people around me. It brings so much clarity.

  2. Thanks for sharing Natalie! The books I’ve recently enjoyed reading include The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau, The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, How To Succeed At Being Yourself by Joyce Meyer, and If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails by Barbara Corcoran. I would be absolutely thrilled to win a copy of your book, as well as The Fire Starter Sessions and all the others. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Ahhhh such a great list Kimi! If I had continued to share what was on my Kindle we would’ve got to Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup. I’ve read the others too, except How to Succeed at Being Yourself, which I’ll have to check out. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My current read is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. His motto is: “Show up consistently with a good attitude over a long period of time. Have faith and a burning desire, be willing to pay the price and have slight edge integrity and discipline to do those things even when no one is looking.” Loving the shift I’m feeling even though I’m only half way through.

  4. Thanks Natalie. There are several ones here I haven’t heard of that sound like a good read. Of course I did love your book but some of my other favorites are E-Myth, Rework and the Pumpkin Plan

  5. Natalie great list! I definitely read the Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte..talk about game changing and life enhancing! And I adore ALL of Deepak’s books. Some of my favorites are Business Model You by Tim Clark in collaboration with Alexander Osterewalder and Yves Pigneur. Another is The Charge by Brendon Burchard, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, and finally The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

  6. I love reading any books by Malcolm Gladwell, Good to Great by Jim Collins, Made to Stick by Dan and Heath Chip, and Leaving Microsoft to Change the World by John Wood. I’ve added the samples of all the books above to my Nook and looking forward reading it this year. Oh and The Pumpkin Plan by
    Mike Michalowicz and Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup is also on my recommended reading list. But to be honest, like you Natalie, I have read so many good books.

    1. Great list, thanks so much for sharing! You guys keep reminding me of all the ones I forgot to mention ahaha. I love Malcolm Gladwell! I dove into The Tipping Point again during the Christmas holidays.

  7. Natalie, This was a great post! I’ve read some of the books you have listed (my favorite one is The Fire Starter Sessions). Right now I’m reading ‘Stop Saying You’re Fine’ by Mel Robbins which I find is a great book on taking action and responsibility on your life. Please keep us updated on any new book you find interesting (I’ll be looking forward on it). Thanks agan and happy valentines!
    -Maritere (Puerto Rico)

    1. Hello Maritere from Puerto Rico! I don’t believe you’ve commented here before so thanks for taking a minute to share what you’re reading. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too and I hope to see you comment again in the future 😉

  8. Great list Natalie! Definitely gave me some ideas to add to my library! I know a few people in need of Wander Woman!
    I just finished “Making Good” by Dev Aujla and Billy Parish. I recommend it to anyone looking for ways to help you develop a career you love that can also make a positive impact on our planet. Read once, then go back and do the exercises!

    1. I have gifted Wander Woman to quite a few women now… one of my friends was offended at first and 5 pages in she called me and was like, “HOOOOLYYYYY THIS IS ME, TO A TEE!” 😉

  9. To be honest since Im such a bookworm I thought you would mention books I have already read, but you really surprised me – I didnt know any of them! Mistake corrected – they are all on my wishlist now 🙂 Anyway its hard to come up with just one favourite book of mine, but I would say probably Unleash the Giant within by Tony Robbins!

  10. This list is great! I just went through a bunch of spiritual books so I’m ready to switch it up a bit. I was thinking I’d move on to leadership. I’m just starting a coaching/consulting practice, so The Big Enough Company sounds like it’s right up my alley.

    1. I often read in topic chunks too Raven… I’ll do a few entrepreneurship books, then a few spiritual, then a few fictional books to let my brain rest from working to absorb all the lessons from the other topics haha. The Big Enough Company is a goodie for solo entrepreneurs!

  11. I’m so glad to see books on here! I’m a huge bookworm and love reading, especially books on spirituality and personal development. I’ve even been inspired to do a similar post on my blog. Here’s the link to my post (http://joannemstein.com/my-must-read-books/) and I’ll definitely be tweeting this out! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win an amazing book! 🙂 (joannemstein@gmail.com)

  12. Currently finishing “See you at the top” by Zig Ziglar, with “Think and grow rich” by Napolean Hill in the car CD changer. Been so inspired lately. Loved the post, I will watch more! Thanks

  13. Great video Natalie & love your book suggestions. From that list, I’ve read Wander Woman (a must read for women!), Women Count (great information) and Firestarter Sessions (well, Danielle Laporte.. just read it) I’m currently reading Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid and although not that far into it, I’m loving it. But if I had to recommend a fave ‘must read’ for women, it is The Art of War for Women by Chin-Ning Chu. Sub-title is Sun Tzu’s Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work. I learned a lot about women’s leadership from that resource.

    1. Interesting Cathy Goddard! I have The Art of War by Sun Tzu but never knew there was a women-focused version of his wisdom for women. I’ll have to check that out! Sheesh, we need to start a book club here on She Takes on the World with all these amazing recommendations!

  14. Thanks Natalie,wonderful books but I have not read any. I have discovered that they are MUST READ. I have read The Enemy Called Average, The Purpose Driven Life,etc. I will be most excited to have them, I love reading good inspiring, motivational, and challenging books.

  15. Hey Natalie! Great video! One of the best books I read at the end of last year was Pumpkin Plan by Mike Micalowicz because it really gets you evaluating who you are working with and how to focus and target more of the right types of customers (and grow that big pumpkin) instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

  16. Great list Natalie 🙂 I love reading because it lets you travel into the mind of someone else and pick up new ideas and inspirations. I have just finished The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris – great book and one I think women business owners will love. It shows you how to use outsourcing to get the most out of one of our most valuable commodities – our time. I’m looking forward to reading the other two he has also released – Chef and Body.

    1. Tim Ferris is great. I think it’s interesting he chose to take the 4 Hour brand into different verticals like cooking and exercise, rather than do another business book. Leaves us wondering what he’ll do next!

  17. Great list Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing. I love books like this and many of these have been on my list for a while! One of my all-time favourites is Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There are some absolute gems of good advice in that one!

  18. Thank you Natalie, this is a great video! I appreciate you
    taking a few minutes of your time to share this list of books and provide some comments.
    Recently, I have thought about creating a list of desirable books that
    I can share with my friends, so they’ll know what books to give me for a special occasion next time. And here it is! (:
    Now I would like to share two fantastic books that have had a huge impact on my life: “How to enjoy your life and your job” by Dale Carnegie and Mind Power Into the 21st Century (Techniques ho harness the astounding power of thought) by John Kehoe. The second book has turned my world upside down! I even moved to a different country (learnt English) and completely changed my education path. From these two books I learnt a good lesson: this world is full of opportunities.

  19. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowledge with us.This is by far the best website ever 🙂 absolutely resourceful.

  20. OMG… totally in love with the war of art at the moment. just re read it and the new one Turning Pro. Since getting my kindle at xmas I am into reading about 10 books at a time….. including getting your book finally. up to chapter two today. by the way. your website and videos etc are great. I really hope this builds your biz phenomenally. I am still on about first base with WE mastermind info but getting better and better with building my biz with all your awesome content.xx

    1. Lovely Lotus!!! How are you?! Thank you for the feedback on the videos. Now we just need to finish our new website, which is really cool… For WE Mastermind, you can take the program again this year starting in May. Stay tuned for info on our first coaching call, and make sure you come so we can help you make 2013 your best year yet.

  21. Hello Ms. Natalie! I’ m loving your Hair! It’s Awsome! The color.. wow! Stay looking Beautiful!

    I would like to recommend … 1. The Mary Kay Ash Way.. About her timeless principles…..awesome book. You will see why Mary Kay is very successful!
    2. The call to Faith Centered Leadership authored by Priscilla Archangel, P. H. D. Lessons for leaders in Challenging times.

    There are far to many to list! Bless you…..

  22. Greetings, I am new to your blog and I love that you have great music playing softly behind your video’s… Love it. Your concept of “She takes on the world” needs to be discovered by every woman, especially young women. I am over 60 and have been in corporate America all my life. It has been a great learning platform and has been very rewarding for me, but… yes but; I am now aunching an online presence and already it is proving to be so much more rewarding. Thank you for carrying the torch of leadership and lighting the way of truth, confidence and business values for many woman that will catch your vision and move into what will give them the access to take the part of this world that is purposed to be theirs. And with you, many will not wait until 60… 🙂

  23. Hi Natalie,

    This list is great. Lately, I’ve been wondering what books to pick up next and this list was what I needed. I’m glad you got my back when it comes to brain food. 😉 My reading list has been expanded and I’m so glad that the range of books was varied.

    My list of favourite books has been posted on my blog, please see link below:

    Also shared on Twitter:

    Great list! Happy Sunday!

  24. Hi Natalie,

    This list is great! Lately, I’ve been thinking about what books I need to read next…I’m glad you got my back when it comes to the brain food! My reading list has now been expanded. I’m glad that the list covered a wide range, the giveaway you’re hosting is aso great 🙂

    I’ve shared my list on my personal blog:

    Also shared on Twitter:

    Always a fan of your blog. Happy Sunday!

  25. Thank you for sharing this list—it’s a great guide! I’ve been meaning to read Danielle LaPorte’s book so this is the kick in the pants I need.

  26. I always love a good Self-help book and this list is full of them! I watched this video and immediately bought Fire Starter Sessions. It’s amazing! I’m so inspired and making changes to my personal brand already!
    I’d like to share a recent book I enjoyed. Arlene Dickinson’s “Persuasion” is a great book for showing you how to persuade without being pushy and without compromising your values. I loved the section on our destructive tendencies to do negative self-talk and how you have to persuade yourself before anyone else. I learned that one the hard way and it took too long!
    Thanks for the list – I’ll be eagerly reading through it!

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