Too Busy to Leverage Your Social Media Status Updates? How to Maintain Your Brand Online

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Social media management is time consuming and potentially catastrophic, particularly when you’re responsible for a company’s brand image.  We get it, but committing to using Social Media to brand your service or product is a pledge to your name and supporters to be consistent all the way across. For those who are wearing the combat boots, high heels and track shoes all at once, there are ways to simplify your tasks when maintaining your online updates.

Over-committed social net-worker, meet and PixelPipe. Ping can be used to leverage Ning, MerchantCircle, Twitter,  and countless other social media status updates. PixelPipe is fairly similar and describes easing the experience of having to “Upload photos, video, and audio files…” across your social media sites of preference.

High learning curve? Not at all!

  • Create an account
  • Link Social Media Memberships back to the aggregator
  • Select which sites are appropriate to publish your message
  • Type your message in the status update
  • Click Enter and TA-DA!

You’ve officially saved yourself logging in several sites to churn out the same message. Maybe you’ve even saved yourself a finger cramp or two. Most importantly, you’re preserving your position with consumers!

A few aggregator Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO remember your audience. FB Fans may not be interested in the same message as your LI community.
  • DO use an aggregator when you’re sending a general marketing message.
  • DO use an aggregator when you’re contributing to your followers and have educational information to share.
  • DON’T use an aggregator when engaging in dialogue, NO @replies should be multi-published!
  • DON’T use an  aggregator to SPAM a message. Ultimately, untargeted posts will lead to users blocking your updates or unconsciously blind to content of value.

Stay consistent and have fun.

**Other sites worth investigation: Nutshellmail and Friendfeed.

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7 thoughts on “
Too Busy to Leverage Your Social Media Status Updates? How to Maintain Your Brand Online

  1. Well written and to the point! It’s always irritating as a receiver to see business posts on facebook and frustrating as the sender to target the right audience efficiently! Thank you, Kristen!

  2. Very good to know….I didn’t realize this. Great job Kristen…looking forward to your next post !

  3. Thanks Maureen and Lori! Hope you keep reading 🙂

    Christina, The first few months at my last firm it took much convincing the office that Twitter makes an impact in identifying prospects. Keep building your network with targeted consumers and stay active. My next post will be about approving and inviting “worthy” people to your network. Keep your eyes open – it may help you identify where to center your energy and what questions to ask before you develop your connections. If you can’t manage your updates or connections it’s important to realize this and refocus your energy on what you know you can handle (and find tips for helping you manage your time efficiently).

  4. Nice post, indeed. If you want to take it to another level, consider using HootSuite, which lets you centralize posting to multiple team members’ Ping (or other aggregator) accounts, including future scheduling so you can stagger the posts. Of course, the Do’s and Dont’s concerns remain important considerations, but the marketing or education-sharing effect for relevant content is multiplied.
    .-= Glenn Gutmacher´s last blog ..The Best of the Best Sourcing Techniques – Tools don’t source, people do. =-.

  5. Thanks Kristin and Glen! This is the same advice I got from a Social Media Webinar I attended today. Thanks also for the lack of a price tag on the bottom line! I’ll keep reading!

  6. Thanks Glenn and Madelyn for reading!

    Glenn, I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS, thanks for the comment!
    Great suggestions; HootSuite is a very cool site- I’ve checked it out per your suggestion.

    Madelyn, be careful not to pay for regurgitated information in webinars. She Takes on the World offers tons of content… for free! Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK! 🙂



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