My White Hot Truth… and an Interview with Danielle LaPorte

If you’ve been following my recent reflection series here at She Takes On The World, you’ve already read about some of the major shifts happening since I settled into our new headquarters in LA — a couple of thousand miles and one green card away from where my journey first began in Ontario, Canada.

If you haven’t stopped in check it out, you can find:

  • Part 1 (about my move from Canada to the U.S.) here
  • Part 2 (which dives into the miracles that happen when you follow your intuition — and why I moved to L.A. despite everyone telling me not to!) here
  • Part 3 (where I get raw about why I had to blow my own heart apart) here
  • Part 4 (a look at the perfectly imperfect new ‘She Takes On The World’ brand we’re creating) here

One big shift I mentioned in the last post is that we’ve started working on a total rebrand of She Takes On The World. It’s a huge undertaking, and definitely a challenge for my inner perfectionist, but it’s been a full 10 years since we first launched the site, and it’s definitely time for an overhaul.

As I reflect on all the ways I’ve changed and my business has unfolded over the course of this incredible journey — this journey that I’ve been walking side-by-side with you — I realize how grateful I am to be here still, doing what I do and serving you in the best way I know how.

I can hardly believe it was five years ago that I first interviewed Danielle LaPorte. We’ve both come a long way since then! It was fun to revisit our initial conversation during my latest interview with her about her new book, White Hot Truth — now available for pre-order — which I’ll share with you in just a moment.

Before I do that, I want to share something important with you: My own White Hot Truth.

Because I’ve found that, with the immense sense of gratitude that comes from running a service-anchored business like this for so many years, comes the call to give more. To give back. I so badly want to equip you with what you need so that you can take action to change your life and enjoy YOUR journey to the fullest.

That’s why part of the new She Takes On The World will be to deliver more TRUTH…

The kind of real, raw truth that will prepare you in the best possible way for the storms that will, inevitably, rage across your path and threaten to uproot you. And the kind of habits, routines, and rituals that will keep you grounded and connected to your own sense of truth and purpose and power, no matter what.

One of the biggest changes ahead is this:

For the longest time, my brand (even one of my books) has carried an image of me, sitting in a regal chair, perched on top of the world. I look poised and polished and perfect…

Except that’s not the reality. I’m not poised and polished all of the time, and my life is by no means perfect. I never intended to portray an image of me, on top of a pedestal, peering down at everyone else as if to imply that I’m somehow superior.

If you’ve come to any of my events, or if you’re a part of the Conquer Club, you’ve experienced how much of an open book I am when it comes to sharing my personal stories and lessons. I want that to carry through in everything that we do here at She Takes On The World in the future.

The truth is:

Even if I happen to be a little further ahead in my journey than you are, I’m still right by your side, cheering you on every step of the way.

The truth is:

Nothing else would give me more joy than to see you succeed.

The truth is:

We’re all in this together.

So, in my videos, you’ll start to see me stepping out of my studio a lot more. I’ll be completing challenges with you each week, and creating more of an experiential community, which will provide you with real, honest insights into my life — whether we’re on the beach, in my apartment, or somewhere else entirely.

This serves two purposes:

1. I get to release perfectionism (phew!), and feeling like I have to look, talk, or act a certain way in order to deliver value to you — something I’ve struggled with my entire life, and…

2. I get to get out into the world and into ACTION. Plus, I get to be vulnerable and real and lead by bringing what I’ve learned into the light.

As I talk about in my interview with Danielle below, my biggest White Hot Truth was giving myself permission to change my mind — about what I share, what I don’t share, how I grow my business, and how I start my day.

For example, something I haven’t talked about much before is that my success really comes down to conscious habits and routines, and making one intentional decision after another — day after day, until the right choice becomes instinctive.

So, fair warning: There may be screw-ups and unexpected reveals as we venture into the next iteration of She Takes On The World, but I’m finally giving myself permission to share ALL of it — just like Danielle does in this interview…

It’s no wonder she’s the original fire starter and white hot truth teller. 😉

In this interview, we talk about:

  • The 3 biggest lies that we fall for (02:37)
  • The thought process that goes into every single one of Danielle’s launches, the art of service-anchored communication, and Danielle’s two-word business plan (07:41)
  • The reason she says “no” to high-paying speaking gigs… frequently, and how this kind of discernment has helped her along the road to success (11:14)
  • The journey that led to her writing her new book, White Hot Truth — and the conversation with Steven Pressfield that inspired her to write the book that actually needed to be written (15:36)
  • The human dilemma of loving yourself, and how to stop seeking love from others and find it within, instead (18:59)
  • How to get into a place of joy without guilt, and why you don’t need to suffer to make a contribution (24:03)
  • How to find the right man when you’re spiritually enlightened (28:41)
  • Why Danielle doesn’t believe in soul mates (30:59)
  • The difference between boundaries and barriers, and how to create healthy boundaries in your life (32:22)
  • One of MY biggest White Hot Truths — and some of the best parts of my first interview with Danielle five years ago, revisited (36:23)

Good news! I have ONE signed copy of White Hot Truth up for grabs.

If you’d like it, answer the question that Danielle poses at the end of this interview in the comments below:

“Out of all the things you’re doing to be well and good, what do you want to deepen and give more attention to, and what should be retired?”

For example:

Deepen: Meditation first thing; reading books that bring me joy
Let go of: Eating oatmeal for breakfast; internet dating

I can’t wait to see what you choose!

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22 thoughts on “My White Hot Truth… and an Interview with Danielle LaPorte

  1. Deepen: listening to my inner guide and trusting my gut.
    Let go of: trying to drag people on their own spiritual journey (I.e. Husband, family, etc!)

  2. Deepen: Self-care, which includes a daily commitment to meditation. I do it a few times a week, but I want to do more.
    Let go of: caring what other people think.

    I loved this interview! Question #1 was a big one for me. Self-love has been a struggle and I’m just starting to step into the space of self-love and starting to ask for what I need in life. It’s scary, but I won’t stop!

    Natalie, one thing I like about you is that you are so supportive and helpful, but I don’t feel like you’re trying to be my guru. Thank you for that.

  3. First of all… LOVED this interview!! Quick question! I preordered White Hot Truth through the Amazon link… where do I go from there to listen to the audio version? Thanks so much!

  4. Deepen: my relationship with my self …embracing my truths
    Let go of : my desire for designer goods

  5. Deepen: letting knew ideas in, being more intune with myself and helping people discover themselves.
    Let go of dogmas and norms that inprisons and holds me back from living a rich full life.

  6. Deepen: meditation practice each morning
    Let go of: letting other people tell me what is best for me

  7. Deepen: More mindful and meaningful reading… by that I mean read more on subjects that interest me or provoke more thought and creativity. Also add a regular meditation

    Let go of: Fear … What is it the quote says? – Everything you want is on the other side of fear.. It really is..

  8. Thank you both SO much!

    Deepen: self-acceptance and self-love
    Let go of: feeling like I need other’s input or approval for my own decisions and letting go of their feedback, especially if it doesn’t serve me

  9. Deepen: Recommitting to a daily yoga practice
    Let go of: “Shoulds” the idea that I should be doing things based on what others are doing, rather than what feels in alignment with my intentions and visions of success.

  10. Deepen: Focus on my why…serving & educating people.
    Let go of: Listening to what other people think therefore doubting myself and my ideas.
    Love the discussion on lies…so very true. <3 Michele

  11. Deepen: Self-love and listening to my inner intuition.
    Let go of: The thoughts and feelings of not being good enough.

  12. Profound in SOOOOO many ways! I needed the reminders and reassurances – and the authenticity of your exchange, ladies. (Re-fucking-freshing, to say the least.) My biggest reassurance is hearing that we need to let go of the ‘group think’ and approaches to life & biz. I’ve been on that train, but then I second-guess (as in – for the biz: “I don’t really know how to get the word out there – so maybe I should listen to someone who’s been there…”) But it’s all the same marketing you were describing – which I inherently can’t stand, and therefore cannot entertain. (And then I’m abruptly reminded of this after about the first 10 minutes of any such podcast. DELETE. UNsubscribe. And then feel into what my heart says to ‘try’.)

    I’ve already received my copy of my pre-ordered book (yay!), and can’t wait to dive in fully. My hope is to one day meet this chic whose soul resonates so greatly with mine in person – and get my own copy signed. Until then – for funzies ~

    Deepen: Clearing the mind to follow my heart (including continuing the joy of reading all of the amazing spirituality-based books that speak to me, and provide me with tools for cultivating what works for me.)
    Retire: Looking to other human beings for ways of reaching my tribe. (Needs to be authentic & stem from within, or as a nudge from my Angels.)


  13. Comment about Canadian audiences cracked me up. (i’m a canuck who’s been in the UK for 20 years – ever so polite here).
    I know I’ve missed the giveaway but still:

    Deepen: Grounding morning routine (yoga/meditation) every day to stay present and in tune with ME.
    Let Go: Feeling like a FAIL if I don’t practice my yoga or meditation every day

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