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Whether you’re a seasoned pro at conducting department meetings or a speaking one on one with a new partner for the first time, you can’t avoid the fluttering of those butterflies in your stomach or the sudden need to chew your fingernails off thinking about whether or not everything will go smoothly. Kick your pre-meeting […]

How to Work a Half Day Like a Boss

Every now and then in the office, the workday will be cut in half for a half day of work which is both a blessing and curse in disguise. It’s always great to be able to leave work a little early to enjoy the rest of the day but at the same time all of […]

How to Recognize the Disney Princess in Your Office

They may not whistle while they work but chances are you’ve worked alongside an employee who has all the characteristics of a Disney Princess. What could be so bad about that? Aren’t princesses usually kind and helpful? More often than not, they have a bad workplace trait ranging from laziness to bossiness leaving you forced […]

Businesswoman on a Budget: 5 Must-Visit Stores for Work Apparel

You’re here to make a difference, work hard and get fantastic results, and alongside working well with others, you know to dress well too.

Women Who Wear Makeup Earn More Money… True or False?

Women Who Wear Makeup Earn More Money… True or False? According to a new study women who wear makeup make more money. Why does a woman’s appearance mean a difference in her paycheck?

Build a Better Home Office

Image courtesy of Shutterstock If your lifestyle is like mine, chances are you spend a great deal of time in your home office. In fact, it’s probably the most used room in your house, next to the kitchen. So why then, does your workspace look like more of a dungeon than a sanctuary? Wouldn’t work […]