Stressed out? Here are the best natural ways to keep calm

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Welcome to the fourth episode of Superhuman Entrepreneur, a video series on She Takes on the World TV, where you get a chance to learn from the amazing team of doctors responsible for keeping me, and entrepreneurs around the world, healthy, energized, and sane, no matter how busy business gets behind the scenes.

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Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to an incredible naturopathic doctor and specialist in IV vitamin therapy — Dr. Benjamin Snider.

If you’ve got a cabinet full of herbs and supplements already, or want to learn more about the changes the right kind of vitamins can make for your overall health, then you’ll love this episode.

But you’re probably wondering: what  exactly changed my life about working with Dr. Ben?

He’s responsible for helping me take back control of a really common challenge that faces so many entrepreneurs: the major impact stress has on my body, and adrenal burnout.

Here’s how adrenal burnout works:

When you’re worried or stressed, your adrenal glands trigger a “fight or flight” response, that raises your heart rate, and makes you feel more alert temporarily. However, when you’re stressed over a long period of time (like a launch, for example), over-activation of your adrenals can start causing problems; including fatigue, weight gain, a foggy brain, and more.

Fortunately, it can be treated naturally, and that’s what Dr. Ben is here to teach you today — along with some absolutely amazing suggestions for improving your digestive health, his list of essential vitamins and minerals, and ways to be more mindful, and detach from the high highs and the low lows of entrepreneurship.

(I also bring out my little army of natural supplements. So if you’re curious about what I take day to day, make sure you watch this one!)

So jump into today’s episode, and get a pen and paper out! Dr. Ben offers also some great tips for high-quality vitamins and supplements that can help you manage your stress, and feel better, sooner.

And don’t forget!

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The goal? To help you create greater alignment — mind, body, and soul — with your heart’s intentions every step of the way. This journal is my free gift to you for being a subscriber, just because we love you. <3

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1 thought on “Stressed out? Here are the best natural ways to keep calm

  1. This episode really reminded me of a book I just read called “The Worry-Free Mind” by psychologists Dr. Carol Kershaw and her husband Bill Wade. It’s different from other “self help” books because it shows the science behind your brain and stress and scientifically proven ways to retrain your brain and develop new behaviors and attitudes. I am definitely going to the store to grab some of these recommended supplements thank you! The exercises that are found throughout the book are helpful for calming your mind and shutting off that noisy inner voice that can keep you up at night! Stress was causing me a lot of problems in my day to day life but I am finally starting to feel like I can make a difference. Hope you and your readers will check out this book

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