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Everything my team and I build here at She Takes on the World is designed to serve your most powerful, passionate self — whether you’re at the starting point of building your business, ready to scale up and build your team, or want to shift the way you live, work and play.

Read on to dive into our collection of products and programs on everything from planning your day, to building incredible habits, and planning your business like a (creative) pro.


The Conquer Kit

The most gorgeous business planner ever created, combining play with creative flow, beautifully.

Conquer Your Year

The ultimate planning system to help you stay on track with your entrepreneurial goals — and the ultimate complement to The Conquer Kit.

She Takes On The World

My first book — and the complete guide to being your own boss, working happy, and living on purpose.



Unlock your most productive, healthy, successful self in 30 days – with the power of habits.

You want to run an incredible business without losing your life to your laptop. You also want to be healthy, happy, creative, and fulfilled 24/7. Maybe you’ve tried to-do lists and affirmations… but nothing’s stuck yet, and you always slide back into old habits.

The only way to break that pattern = harnessing the power of good habits, routines, and rituals.

Building rock solid rituals (and ditching the less-than-great-ones) is the #1 way to beat procrastination, overwhelm, and mental exhaustion, and navigate the bumpy road of business-building with grace. That’s why I’ve blended the science and soul of great habits and baked in encouragement, so you can start creating your own Ritual in just 30 days.

The Media Method

Created in partnership with Gwen Elliot

Whether you’re just starting your business, or have been on the entrepreneurship block for a while now, one truth always stands: Media attention is an invaluable asset to your business — especially if you want to scale, speak on stages, land book deals, and get seen by millions.

That’s why I created The Media Method; to show you exactly how to attract positive attention from the press, without dropping thousands on media agencies or publicists.

Inside this 5-part program, stacked with deep-dive video and audio trainings, we’ll show you exactly what it takes to land TV, radio, podcast, print, and online media appearances that can change everything for your business.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:

The basics of media; from finding your angle and just the right outlets to pitch, to overcoming challenges like self-doubt and shyness.

Strategies for sharing your story and our best social media practices for connecting to mainstream media opportunities.

The step-by-step approach to writing your pitch, complete with checklists, fill-in-the-blanks Pitch Generator, and swipe files that include the winning pitches my publicist at Penguin Random House crafted for my book launch.

Interview Prep 101, and an “on air” checklist that you can go over before any appearance to make sure you nail it like a pro, every time.

The best tactics for leveraging media for sales, book deals, sponsorship, and the opportunities you crave with our 15 steps you can take after any media feature or appearance for maximum leverage.

Our 12-Month Incubator






The Conquer Club

The Conquer Club is an implementation incubator & community like no other.

We help entrepreneurs with big hearts and even bigger dreams do the work that propels them forward. Inside The Conquer Club, our members dive into the absolute best results-driven training and mentorship, personalized support and coaching, expert-led classes, connections, and resources on the planet.

If you’re an entrepreneur ready to break through blocks, increase your visibility, make more money, and live your purpose?




(By application only)

What kind of goal could you work with me on achieving inside Immersion?

You could (finally) write your book, and expand your platform…

Or do a big launch of your signature program…

Or bring an exciting product to market…

Or hit a major revenue goal…

Whichever you choose, you’ll have me and the She Takes on the World team by your side every step of the way, working with you directly to make it happen.


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