“It’s fantastic what you are doing… You inspire me. The women of the young generation who are doing incredible work not just in their own businesses and in what they are starting, but in changing the world, that for me is the most inspiring thing. There is something about your generation that is really going to get it right, that balance between our own lives and a purpose larger than our lives.”

Arianna Huffington, President of Huff Post and Thrive Global

“We need more miracle workers in leadership positions, and I love you and the work you’re contributing to the world in the service of others.”

Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Universe Has Your Back and May Cause Miracles

“You are so shiny!”

Danielle LaPorte, Author of White Hot Truth and The Desire Map

“Natalie is a glitter bomb of possibility on the planet!”

Annette Saldana, The Art & Science of Irresistible Requests

“I’ve been following Natalie and the She Takes on the World blog for a few years now and wish I would have found them sooner. She Takes on the World has been a wonderful resource for me when struggling with something in my business and life. There is such a sense of sincerity and thoughtfulness put into all the content. Natalie’s passion for helping women in business and around the world comes out in everything she does.”

Tennille Hopper, Pretty Little Pixels

“She Takes On The World is one of my favorite blogs to read. Natalie brings us resources filled with wisdom, inspiration and practical tips to get our businesses up and running. She shows us how to be fearless in business and she inspires us to truly accomplish what we were meant to and take on the world”

Sandy Sidhu, SidekickPM

“Working with Natalie has been an amazing experience for me. Her mentorship has been invaluable as I’ve launched my own coaching practice. has also been a go-to resource as I’ve gotten my business off the ground and into growth mode.”

Yasmine Khater

“Natalie has been a great mentor to me. Her advice has been instrumental in the development and growth of my company, Inklyo.”

Chantielle MacFarlane, Inklyo


“Natalie MacNeil was one of the very first entrepreneur-writers invited to blog on ForbesWoman, and for good reason. Her blog, like her book, is smart, upbeat, inspirational, and full of practical advice for women who want to own their dream careers.”

Caroline Howard, Editor of ForbesWoman

“Natalie MacNeil dispels age-old myths about the corporate world and enlightens the reader with humor and warmth. There is a whole generation of women who will greatly benefit from her words!”

Shama Kabani, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group

“Natalie MacNeil inspires you to forge your own path as a woman entrepreneur. This book is about living the life you know you were meant to live.”

Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends LLC and Editor-in-Chief of

“Stop listening to what other people are saying about how you should live your life and start reading Natalie MacNeil’s new book, which will help you gain control over your future. In this uplifting chronicle of her experiences, coupled with timeless career advice, you will become smarter and more confident in your career.”

Dan Schawbel, Author of Me 2.0 & Founder of Millennial Branding

“This is a must read for generations of women tired of hearing ‘you can’t’ and ‘you shouldn’t.’ A game-changer, Natalie will help you pioneer new opportunities and create winning strategies in business and life.”

Camilla Webster, Co-Author of The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom

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