Is Your Shopping Style Getting You The Best Professional?

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We are women, and we love to shop. Some of us love to shop for clothing. Others like to buy food. Still, there are ladies that fancy purchasing home goods. I met a woman who is thrilled with buying cleaning products. Then there are those of us who like to shop for anything and everything.

Business owners, too, have to shop. I’m not talking about shopping for printers and staples. We shop for people. We need freelance writers, graphic designers, accountants, business coaches and professional partners.

When you’re looking to hire, what shopping style do you manifest? And, does your style hinder or help your business?

The name brand only shopper. You only carry Coach. You only drink Starbucks. You only wash with Dove. Your freelancer must have a university degree backing her name. She has worked with all the right people at all the right companies for several years.
Advantage: High quality.
Disadvantage: High quality comes at a high price.

The bargain hunter. You only comb sale racks, thrift stores and yard sales. Your No. 1 priority is a rock bottom price. You don’t care about what university a person attended or the level of formal experience a person has.
Advantage: A deal.
Disadvantage: If you don’t search thoroughly, a high possibility of a low quality product.

The trendsetter. When you see a new trend, you jump on the bandwagon. You like to give newbies a chance with your business because they have fresh excitement, new ideas and enthusiasm. Who knows? An up and coming newbie could become the next best thing, and you would have given that newbie a start.
Advantage: A budget-friendly price and strong motivation.
Disadvantage: Little to no experience.

The money is no object employer. You don’t care about the price, the brand or anything else. You know what type of product you want, and you are willing to pay boo koo bucks for it.
Advantage: You get what you want.
Disadvantage: You pay for it.

Which shopping style is the best? In truth, it is a combination of the ones I mentioned. Your business needs dictate which style ranks highest, but one approach should not be your sole method. That would limit you and possibly cause your business more harm than aid.

When you shop, keep your mind open. Check out name brands, bargains and newbies, and remember to not let money dictate your every action. Look at each and every one of your options to ensure you hire the best professional.

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  1. Denise Barreto

    I dig this article. I happen to be a combo of bargain hunter/money is no object – meaning I like quality at a bargain and have the patience to “cat and mouse” it.

    Will be RT to the high heavens!!



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