The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle for the Female Entrepreneur

Running a healthy business is vital to its success right? Well living a healthy lifestyle is also vital to your business success!  Being an entrepreneur can help you reap so many rewards but neglecting your health can often have a negative effect on your body and your business. Entrepreneurs who lead a healthy lifestyle tend to be more productive; have more energy and are better focused on achieving their goals.

If you spend too much time on your business and don’t make time for good nutrition and plenty of exercise then you could find yourself at burnout sometime in the not too distant future! You’re a busy woman who has to juggle several things at once, just make sure that you do that whilst living a healthy lifestyle and I promise you, you will find everything a whole lot easier. When your body is well tuned it can produce staggering results. Think of the last time you saw an olympic athlete looking sluggish and unfocused; having trouble with that analogy? Probably because people who are on top of their health are generally on top form in their whole lives.

So now you know the ‘why’, let me share with you the ‘how’.

Planning and preparing is key to your success.

Heard that somewhere before?

Well there are lots of similarities in leading a healthy lifestyle and running your business which is why it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. I’m guessing that once you’d booked in that 7am breakfast meeting you generally wouldn’t cancel; you need to have the same motivation towards your fitness workouts. If you’re at home then ensure you have your workout gear ready to go the evening before. If you’re going away then make sure you take some fitness clothing with you so you can get in a workout in the hotel gym or your hotel room.

Ensure you always have nutrient rich staples with you at home or on the go. Snack packs aren’t just good for kids, they’re great for grown ups too. Always ensure you have filtered water available with you throughout the day. Living healthy is a lifestyle choice. A quick fix is great but a lasting change is better!

Always eat a combination of carbs with protein. So as a snack you want an apple and some almonds; as a lunch consider a green leaf salad with chicken/fish/goats cheese etc. and for an evening meal choose a lean protein with some seasonal vegetables. This combination of foods will help maintain your metabolism; boost your energy levels and keep you fuller for longer.

One very important aspect of a healthy lifestyle for the busy entrepreneur is taking some time to unwind. You may be busy for what seems like 24/7 but in truth you can always make time for a little me time, so do it. Take a walk, have a bathe, meditate, read a book/magazine, listen to music, call a friend or go for a swim, yoga or spa session.

It is so important that you make sure you take care of your body throughout your journey. This is more important than ever now because you are pulled in so many different directions these days you have to stay on top of your game and in tip top shape.

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  1. Ellen R. Albertson

    Great article and tips. One other barrier to taking care of yourself is having a negative body image. There are several studies that show that women who don’t feel good about their bodies tend not to exercise and eat right.

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