How To Write A Buzz-Worthy Pitch Email

Do you know the fastest, most effective way to get the media to notice you?

When you’re looking to gain traction with the media, you need a well-crafted and to-the-point pitch that shares all the important details and players involved in your latest product launch, book release, or online summit.

A pitch will get you the “yes” faster than any other technique out there. The best part is that I’m going to help you become a master media pitcher because the truth is this: I would not be where I am today without the media exposure I’ve received. There’s no way. Read through to the end of this post to find out how to get a free download from me on writing a buzz-worthy pitch email AND to learn about a special opportunity to fast-track your way into the media spotlight.

First, in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to share 5 steps for writing an attention-grabbing pitch email that journalists and producers are gonna love. This will give you a solid foundation on writing a pitch for the media.

With each new episode of She Takes on the World TV we now offer a FREE bonus worksheet, exclusively for our amazing tribe of subscribers. This week’s PDF download is “How To Write A Buzz-Worthy Pitch Email,”  to help you take action on what you’ve learned in this episode, and create your perfect pitch.

At She Takes on the World and in our signature incubator The Conquer Club, we are all about helping entrepreneurs actually take action and implement because let’s be honest, inspiration without implementation is kinda meaningless! So you can look forward to free workbooks and downloads with each of our episodes as a subscriber.

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Okay, there’s one more thing we want you to do so that we know you’ve taken action on the episode: Share your pitch with us in the comments section below…we love hearing from you and having you be a part of our community.

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