On Shame and the Healing Power of Honesty

For this installment of Superhuman September, I want to share something that’s been on my heart: Aiming to be “superhuman” isn’t all about green juice and planning for your goals. It also includes being honest with yourself about what’s not working, what’s frustrating you, and what’s not so great. I’ve shared a lot in recent […]

Eat Your Way to a Happier, More Productive Day

Welcome to the 5th and final episode of Superhuman Entrepreneur, a video series on She Takes on the World TV where I’m interviewing my fantasy team of doctors who help me stay energized and healthy – mind, body, and soul – even when things are crazy in my business. (Haven’t checked out the rest of the […]

Conquer Your Biggest 2017 Goal With Me & Entrepreneur Magazine

  You know what I love most about my work? (Besides my amazing Conquer Community, my team, and all of you fantastic readers of course!) I absolutely adore helping my clients, students, and readers make huge progress on their goals… even when they feel totally stuck. That’s why this January, I’m teaming up with Entrepreneur […]

How to Be a TED-Worthy Speaker

I want to radically transform people’s lives. I want to be THE go-to expert in my space. I want to have a waiting list of people ready to work with me. I want to cross six-figures.  I want to hire a team.  I want to stop worrying about money. I want to create epic experiences […]

What Is Your About Page Saying About You?

Does Your “About” Page Pass The TMI Test?

This episode is the first in a 3-part series on communications that I developed with my good friend Nikki Elledge Brown. Nikki’s known online as The Communication Stylist® and creator of A Course About Copy® and she’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs communicate with more clarity and confidence.  In today’s episode we’re talking about your “About” page, […]

Katie Dalebout

Hit The Journal And Give Me 10! Exercises To Build Your Creativity

We all have creativity within us just like we all have muscles. And like a muscle, you have to work your creativity to build it. If you get into the habit of thinking creatively, it becomes easier until eventually, when you find yourself in a situation where you need to think of ideas quickly, you […]

Write A Buzz-Worthy Pitch Email

How To Write A Buzz-Worthy Pitch Email

Do you know the fastest, most effective way to get the media to notice you? When you’re looking to gain traction with the media, you need a well-crafted and to-the-point pitch that shares all the important details and players involved in your latest product launch, book release, or online summit. A pitch will get you […]

When No News Is Good News…For Your Media Pitch

The media love all things new and noteworthy, so of course you can create a lot of buzz when you’re launching a product or book, or when something notable happens in your business, like winning an award. But what about those in-between times, when what you have to announce is more like… **cue crickets** The […]

Nuggets Of Wisdom From Richard Branson & Other Necker Island Entrepreneurs

More Nuggets Of Wisdom From Richard Branson & Necker Island Entrepreneurs

Today I’m back with my Necker Island roomie, Diana House of Tiny Devotions. We’re bringing you part 2 of the video series we recently created while spending a week with Richard Branson and an amazing cohort of like-hearted entrepreneurs on his private tropical island. (If you didn’t watch part 1, you can catch it here.) […]