Name Your Business

Are You Winning At The Name Game?

Are you struggling with naming your business or new product? When you’re trying to come up with a great name, sometimes you just have to be patient and wait until you have that, “This is it!” gut feeling. This happened for me when I was trying to decide on a name for my blog – […]

How To Be A Hedgehog (And Rock Your Business Strategy)

The Hedgehog Versus The Fox: A Lesson in Business Strategy

If you could choose to be a hedgehog or a fox, which would you rather be? I know, foxes are cunning and sleek creatures while hedgehogs are just…well, prickly. But when it comes to building your business as an online entrepreneur, you’re going to want to be a hedgehog. Trust me. In today’s episode I’m […]

5 Business Investments You Can't Afford Not To Make

5 Business Investments You Can’t Afford Not To Make

Today we’re talking about business investments — not stocks and bonds, but the foundational things you’ve GOT to invest in if you want your business to succeed. When you go “all in” on your business, you hustle like you’ve never hustled before. And when you’re in hustle mode, it can seem like a HUGE risk to […]

How To Create A Dream Job Description For A Virtual Hire

6 Easy Ways To Attract Your Perfect Hire

I’ve got a brand new episode of She Takes on the World TV today to help you find the perfect virtual hire, which can be tricky — especially if it’s your first hire. But first, I have some really exciting news that I feel like I’ve waited an eternity to share with you! This post is […]

Conquer Your Dragons With Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations To Conquer Your Dragons

Today I want to talk about one thing that could be stopping you from achieving success: Dragons! No, I’m not talking about the kind of dragons that swoop down to save Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. The kind of dragons I’m talking about are those confidence-killing moments of self-doubt, fear, procrastination, or unworthiness that […]

How To Make Products Your Customers Go Crazy For

How To Make Products Your Customers Go Crazy For

When you’re figuring out what products you’re going to share with the world, it’s always important to keep future products and spin-offs in mind. When your customers like Product A – your first offering – you can be sure they’re going to love Product B, and they’ll be on the lookout for Product C coming […]

How To Make The Press Love You

Make The Press Love You (How To Be A Media Darling)

One of the best ways to turn your small business into something big is by getting more press and media attention, especially on-camera press. In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV I’m talking with media strategist and TV producer extraordinaire Gwen Elliot about how to make the press absolutely fall in love […]

How To Really Conquer A Zillion Things At Once

How To Really Conquer A Zillion Things At Once

Today I’m going to let you in on my little secret to juggling a zillion things at once. Okay, so it might not be a zillion things – BUT there can be times in your business when it certainly feels that way. As you might already know, most uber-successful entrepreneurs get to that point through multiple streams […]

How To Fit In A Business Retreat This Weekend

Finding time to plan out the next year when you’re distracted by the dirty dishes and a full Netflix queue can prove to be quite challenging. That’s why I’m a big advocate of retreats — each year when our Conquer Club Inner Circle group gets together for our Conquer Retreat, our members go away feeling rejuvenated […]

Create Your 5×5 Plan For The Year Ahead

Happy almost-New Year! While the ball-dropping festivities are still a day away, we’re already in party mode here at She Takes on the World Inc., and we’re celebrating some big wins for 2015, including just being named to the Forbes “100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs” list, completing our biggest Conquer Club launch to date aaaand […]

Create Your Business Compass

9 Questions That Will Rock Your New Year

If you’ve ever gotten lost in the woods (or a giant mall parking lot) you know how helpful a compass can be. And although it’s less north and south, and more marketing and distribution, a business compass can help you chart the direction you want your company to go in, and help you to stay […]

Create A Blissful Business Budget

A Heart-Centered Business Budget That Will Make You Blissful

Before we get to today’s episode, I wanted to share with you that She Takes on the World has been named among Forbes’ “100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs” in 2015! Thank you so much for all your love and support, and for helping me to grow this site from a humble little blog about my business […]

What To Do When You Fuck Up With Customer Service

Lately I’ve been noticing an epidemic of businesses that are great at selling, but then really crappy when it comes to the customer experience. It seems that once they have your sale, they forget all about you! I’m sure you can think of a few companies like this too. One of my first businesses did […]

Stop Swimming With Your Competitors

Stop Swimming With Your Competitors: The Blue Ocean Strategy

Where are you swimming today? Are you in the Blue Ocean or the Red Ocean? If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Natalie – WTF are you talking about?!” I promise, my geography teachers did a great job – I do know the names of all 5 oceans and that there’s not a blue one or […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about big risks

When To Burn Everything And Start From Scratch

As entrepreneurs, there are times when we’re faced with a major task — something so monumental and change-making that we have to say, “I’m doing this, and there’s no going back.” We have to burn our boats, just like Hernán Cortés did back in the 1500’s when he set out to conquer the Aztec empire with […]

Time Management Tips From Natalie MacNeil

My #1 Time Management Tip To Put You On The Right Track

How are you spending the two most precious resources in your business? In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about your TIME and your ENERGY. (Kind of a big deal, right?) Figuring out where you’re focusing your hours is key. It will help you pin down what you need to outsource (or automate!) and free you […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about Essentialism

Essentialism: The One Question That Changes Everything

Would you say you’re working on the MOST important things right now? Or do you feel like you’re always just trying to keep your head above the water? Are you constantly saying YES and committing yourself to things that aren’t purpose-driven and then are you left feeling resentful for having ever said yes? If these […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about communication skills in this video

What Sardines Taught Me About Communication Skills

As an entrepreneur your communication is sooo critical, whether it’s communicating with your team, your clients (or potential clients), the media, or the public… I spend a lot of time working on improving my communication skills, but there’s always something new to learn – a lesson driven home for me recently by what my partner […]

Natalie - Natalie Tran Interview

Building A Brand Through YouTube: An Interview with Natalie Tran

By 2019, Cisco has predicted that 80% of all content consumed on the internet will be VIDEO. Yes, you read that right: 80 percent!!! For that reason, I really want to encourage you to start creating videos as one part of your business’s overall content strategy. When I was in Cannes, France for a television […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about online etiquette

Miss Natalie’s School of Netiquette For The Busy Entrepreneur

Lately I’ve been thinking about a little something that falls by the wayside in our noisy, crowded digital space: etiquette. Now I’m not talking about the kind of etiquette you might have learned when you were younger, like preparing for “how to eat at a state dinner,” with all the forks and spoons and how […]

Natalie MacNeil interviews Maggie Patterson

3 No B.S. Marketing Strategies: An Interview with Maggie Patterson

Hello again from South America, where I’ve been meditating, exploring without an agenda or hour-by-hour plan, and writing a new book. (Note: I know, I know…my latest book doesn’t even hit bookshelves ’til December 😉 ) Being in new places is what tunes me into my creative energy like nothing else can, and staying in […]

Natalie MacNeil interviews Kathryn Hocking

Have a Bigger and Better Online Launch: An Interview with Kathryn Hocking

Greetings from Easter Island, where I’m fulfilling a childhood dream of visiting this mysterious and magical place… If you want to take a peek inside my travels through South America, come follow me on Instagram @nataliemacneil (where you’ll also get to see some insanely adorable sea lions and turtles from my recent trip to the […]

Natalie MacNeil shares how a zero sum game can hold you back from making more money

Change Your Mind About Making Money

This week I want to help you change your mind about making money. If you look at your gain as someone else’s loss, you’re playing a zero sum game. This is a dangerous money mindset that holds you back from being able to make more money and achieve the success you deserve. I talk to […]

Natalie MacNeil demonstrates 3 simple meditations you can do at your desk

Mindfulness Exercises To Power Up Your Productivity

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to share with you three very quick mindfulness exercises that you can do right at your desk at any point throughout the day when you’re feeling stressed or just need to power up your productivity. These are super-easy to do, but if you […]

how to let go and declutter your life

Letting Go And Decluttering: A How-To Guide

It’s a wrap! I’m sitting here basking in gratitude for the amazing week I just had shooting my next big project, and my heart is full of thanks to all our Conquer Club mentors and my clients who filmed with me. I’m really missing the excitement of last week even though it’s time to rest […]

3 Systems For A Super Summer Break

Something really magical is taking place this week here at She Takes on the World headquarters, where my team and I are cooking up a special new project with the help of a dozen of our Conquer Club mentors and members. Check out my view for the week, as I go to work in our studio, filming […]

What It Takes To Land A Book Deal

After landing my dream book deal and publishing The Conquer Kit with Penguin Random House, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from all of you who are interested in writing books about how I landed my dream book deal, what steps I took, who I worked with, and so much more. My answer to, “How do you […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about connecting with your inner child

Why You Need To Connect To Your Inner Child

Today we’re going to talk about connecting with your inner child… Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? To daydream? To imagine yourself in incredible scenarios of heroism, success, and love without hesitation? What if I told you that thinking like a kid could actually make you more successful? I shot […]