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Conquer Summit interview with Tara Gentile

Feel-Good Money Making With Tara Gentile

Are you working hard enough to earn the income you desire? Guess what? If you think you’re not working hard enough or doing enough, you’re buying into a myth. So many mega successful entrepreneurs know a little secret about this: Earning money shouldn’t be hard work. (Click to tweet!) In fact, this week’s Conquer Summit […]

why you are not making money

How To Make More Money By Asking The Right Questions

A note from Natalie: My team and I are taking a sabbatical for the remainder of the summer, so we’re bringing back some of our greatest hits for you to experience for the first time or enjoy again… Summer’s always a great time for catching up on reruns! We’ll be back in the fall with some […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about when to say no to extra income opportunities

Should You Say “No” To Earning Extra Income?

Here’s a common scenario so many entrepreneurs ask about – say you’re a photographer whose bread and butter is taking pictures at weddings. You can always rely on that work for earning extra income, BUT you’d rather be creating your own curated shows and selling pieces. The wedding jobs just keep rolling in, which is […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about client relationship management

Making “Exceptions” Might Be Making You Broke

Many times, when I start working with a new client and do a little business check-up with them, I find they have often have a slew of their own clients who aren’t paying on time, or are paying a super discounted rate, or getting a ton of freebies. Why? Because my client went down the […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about how to leverage all your assets to earn more!

For the Love of Leverage

We all like to have money in the bank, obviously. But today I want to talk to you about all the things of value you have sitting outside the bank — things like your condo, your know-how, your side hustle, and your connections. Value comes in lots of shapes and sizes, and many of them […]

Natalie MacNeil's investment secrets

Get Your Money to Work for You

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m fielding a question from Tracy via Facebook. Tracy is getting to a really good place with her business, financially speaking, and she’s starting to think about investing some of her income (Woo hoo, Tracy!). She wrote in to ask if I’d share any advice […]

why you are not making money

This Is Why Your Business Is Not Making Money

In today’s episode, I’m taking a question from one of our Facebook fans, Rosie-Leigh. She writes, “Natalie I’ve been working on my business full time for a year and I’m so passionate about what I do. I work so hard but I feel like I’m not really going anywhere and I’m barely making enough to […]

Spend Money To Make Money

True Or False: You Have To Spend Money To Make Money In Business

It’s a question that has been discussed among entrepreneurs for years: “Do you have to spend money to make money in business?” So when one of our She Takes on the World TV viewers wrote in about feeling stuck on her short-term marketing strategy despite all the free long-term marketing she has been focusing on, […]

Natalie MacNeil shares how a zero sum game can hold you back from making more money

Are You Playing a Zero Sum Game?

If you look at your gain as someone else’s loss, you’re playing a zero sum game. This is a dangerous money mindset that holds you back from being able to make more money, and achieve the success you deserve. I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs, especially women, who actually feel guilty about making more […]