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The #1 Goal-Killer for Women Entrepreneurs

If you asked me: “What’s the best part of working in the women’s entrepreneurial space?” I’d instantly know the answer: I get to call some of the coolest experts and innovators on the planet my friends… and have some powerful geniuses on speed dial. One such friend on the speed-dial list? Money Mindset Mentor Denise […]

5 Surprising Ways To Make More Money: An Interview With Denise Duffield-Thomas

Creating Money Miracles with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Around this time of year — when we’ve kicked off Q3, and are on our way out of summer and into the “busy season” of fall — I start thinking a lot about money and abundance. After all, we became entrepreneurs to change the world, and make money while we do it, right? Each and […]

5 Business Investments You Can't Afford Not To Make

5 Business Investments You Can’t Afford Not To Make

Today we’re talking about business investments — not stocks and bonds, but the foundational things you’ve GOT to invest in if you want your business to succeed. When you go “all in” on your business, you hustle like you’ve never hustled before. And when you’re in hustle mode, it can seem like a HUGE risk to […]

Create A Blissful Business Budget

A Heart-Centered Business Budget That Will Make You Blissful

Before we get to today’s episode, I wanted to share with you that She Takes on the World has been named among Forbes’ “100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs” in 2015! Thank you so much for all your love and support, and for helping me to grow this site from a humble little blog about my business […]

Natalie MacNeil shares how a zero sum game can hold you back from making more money

Change Your Mind About Making Money

This week I want to help you change your mind about making money. If you look at your gain as someone else’s loss, you’re playing a zero sum game. This is a dangerous money mindset that holds you back from being able to make more money and achieve the success you deserve. I talk to […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about processing payments in your business

Pro-Tips For Processing Payments In Your Business

Today I want to share something that’s been going on behind the scenes here at She Takes on the World this year. It’s also something that’s affected most successful online entrepreneurs I know, and some entrepreneurs have lost their businesses because of it. And yet, no one really talks about it…until now, that is. Imagine […]

5 Steps To Crafting Money Mantras That Work

Mindset is a funny thing; it is partly a constructed worldview that you’ve created and partly rooted in your truth, patterns, and history. But the good news? Any current belief pattern can be shifted, but the way in which it occurs often needs to happen more slowly than most of us believe. As it turns out, […]

Conquer Summit Interview with Farnoosh Torabi

Women Earning More With Farnoosh Torabi

So many women are leaving the corporate world and starting their own businesses that we should proclaim it from the rooftops: Entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement. (Click to tweet)   As exciting as this is, with all this amazing progress we’re making, there’s often a sense of discomfort that comes in as women step […]