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Stop Swimming With Your Competitors

Stop Swimming With Your Competitors: The Blue Ocean Strategy

Where are you swimming today? Are you in the Blue Ocean or the Red Ocean? If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Natalie – WTF are you talking about?!” I promise, my geography teachers did a great job – I do know the names of all 5 oceans and that there’s not a blue one or […]

How to go from Good to Great

3 Simple Ways To Go From Good To Great

Today I want to talk about going from GOOD to GREAT, with lessons from the book by the same name, authored by Jim Collins. It’s timeless, and has sold millions of copies around the world. I first read the book in one of my university business courses and it’s one I revisit often. Good to […]

What It Takes To Land A Book Deal

After landing my dream book deal and publishing The Conquer Kit with Penguin Random House, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from all of you who are interested in writing books about how I landed my dream book deal, what steps I took, who I worked with, and so much more. My answer to, “How do you […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about what to do when your launch doesn't go according to plan

What To Do When You Don’t Reach Your Launch Goals

Launching a product or service can be exhausting, exhilarating, and a total roller coaster. When you see sales roll in for all the hard work you’ve put into creating something that you know people need, it feels like it was all worth it. But when you DON’T reach your sales projections, when your service or […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about spying on competitors

Spying And Buying From Your Competition

Today I want to talk to you about something that I’ve been seeing more and more, especially online: People buying products, services, and programs from their competition so they can see what’s under the hood. Big companies do this all the time — car companies buy competitors’ cars and take them apart to see what’s […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about setting goals for your business

Are Your Goals “Too Big”?

When I’m speaking at events, there’s always someone who comes up to me after my talk to share how they feel like a failure because their goal setting doesn’t seem to be working out: they aren’t reaching their launch goals, or goal to write a book, or they aren’t making 6 figures. Every time, I […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about building your list

Build The Mailing List Of Your Dreams

When it comes to building a business online (or even offline), there is one thing you ABSOLUTELY need to set yourself up for success: an engaged mailing list. By “engaged,” I mean a list packed with people eager to learn more about what you do, who want to stay updated on what’s going on in your […]

Natalie MacNeil Shares Tips on Hiring a New Team Member

My New Hire Checklist For Busy Entrepreneurs

Today I want to talk about a crazy-exciting, but sometimes really challenging, time for your business… It’s that moment when you decide to hire a new team member. (Yay!) (And if you think you’re not there yet, I’d encourage you to reconsider. To grow your business, you need at least one person who can help […]

6 Things To Consider When Planning Your Launch Year

It’s that time of year again. Entrepreneurs world-wide are heads down, figuring out their business “plan of attack” for the next 12 months. And if you’re like most of my clients, you might be planning how you can launch an eProgram in 2015. As an eCourse strategist, I come to the rescue of entrepreneurs who […]

Conquer Summit Finale

Let’s Make 2015 Our Best Year Yet!

WHEW! We just wrapped up an absolutely incredible season finale of The Conquer Summit. If you weren’t able to tune in live, I’d love for you to watch the recorded episode below:   Click here to watch the exciting Conquer Summit grand finale: http://bit.ly/1BhkacW While part of me is sad we won’t be jamming on […]

Conquer Summit interview with Tahani Aburaneh

Driving Determination And Rebellious Responsibility with Tahani Aburaneh

Building a business and a life you love takes a great deal of courage and determination. As my good friend Tahani Aburaneh says, “You can’t get everything you want all at once. Take one step at a time. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” (Click to tweet) In this week’s Conquer Summit interview, Tahani, who is a […]

Natalie MacNeil announces The Conquer Summit 2014

The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ve got some BIG NEWS to share with you today! As you probably already know, after having our most successful year in business yet, my team and I went on a little sabbatical. I think taking time to recharge is an important part of upleveling your business and your life. I took a vacation in […]

Relationship Advice…For Your Small Business

This blog post is being brought to you by Visa Small Business. Relationships are the most important part of building a business. I would argue that relationships are even more important than revenue because strong relationships and strong performance go hand in hand. Now before I start preaching on relationships in business, I will insert […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about the three tools she runs her business with

The Three Small Business Tools We Can’t Live Without

Have you ever noticed that a lot of successful entrepreneurs recommend like, a million tools to keep their businesses running? How in the world do they manage all their management tools??!! You need tools to run your business, but don’t let your tools run you! (Click to tweet!) I know it can feel really overwhelming […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about how to delegate tasks

One Question That’s Going to Rock Your Business

Have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re truly doing the right things to help your business succeed? Or if there’s another person you can delegate to who would be a better person to complete the task? I know I have, and it’s something I really struggled with. That is, until I discovered one very […]

How to Grow Your Business While Traveling the World

This blog post is being brought to you by Visa Small Business. Raise your latte if you share this fantasy: Taking a conference call from a balcony in Bali. Meeting up with that hilarious, startup-launching Twitter friend – in Stockholm. Popping over to Hong Kong to speak at a conference (with a three-day layover in […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about how to invest fully in your business

Are You Scared To Go “All In” On Your Big Idea?

Today, I’m taking a question from Amy via Facebook about investing in your business. Amy writes, “Natalie, you always talk about the importance of investing in your business but I’m absolutely terrified to do that! I’m so afraid to pull from my savings, and I don’t want to take on a loan or any debt […]

Natalie MacNeil on how to regain control amidst chaos

What to Do When You’re Spinning Out of Control

“I am way too busy.” “I took on too much.” “There is NO WAY I can keep all of this going.” Any of this sound familiar? If you’re at the point where your business is really moving and shaking, but you feel like it’s turning into a crazy carnival ride that you can’t get off, […]

How To Put Together Your Dream Team of Mentors

This blog post is being brought to you by Visa Small Business. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your life were filled with wise, intuitive, smart-hearted people who could point you in the right direction? Well, obviously, right? Each and every one of us could probably benefit from some learned-the-hard-way advice and insight when our professional […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about how to inspire repeat business

What a Stick-on Bra Taught Me About Repeat Business

I’m enjoying the sunshine of California, escaping that crazy east coast winter we’ve experienced. If you live in Eastern U.S.A. or Canada you know what I’m talking about… Anyway, sometimes when I’m here I get to go to fancy shmancy events and get all dressed up. I buy these stick-on bras that work with open […]

Natalie MacNeil talks about social media strategy for your business

What’s Driving Your Social Media Strategy?

The comedian Chris Rock once said, “You only live once so sure, spend 15 hours a day online desperately seeking the validation of strangers.” The funny thing is that’s what I’m seeing so many people do online today as they promote their businesses through social media. In today’s episode of She Takes on the World […]

To Write or Not to Write (A Business Plan, That is)

A business plan is intended to answer the question, “How will I execute my business concept?” Many people ask, “Do I really need to write a business plan?” My stock answer to this question is: you need a plan for your business, but whether you actually write it or not depends on a couple of […]

Natalie MacNeil presents her product pyramid for organizing the product offerings you want to deliver to your clients

Grow Your Business With My Product Pyramid

Do you feel your business isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like it to be? Or is your revenue really low even though you’ve created all this great stuff for people? It might be a good time to re-assess your product strategy. I think one of the biggest barriers to business growth is not offering […]

You Need Your Competitors To Grow, And They Need You Too

Your competitors are secretly helping your business (Shh! Don’t let them know!)   Having a great business idea means that you can expect others to be having the same idea, too. Imagine bringing an idea to the table during a pitch competition only to be asked, “Why isn’t anyone else doing this?” This isn’t really […]

18 Business Lessons in 18 Years

Do you remember where you were when you saw the Internet for the first time? I do. I was working at Henry Holt and an assistant asked me to check out something cool. He showed me a page of text on his computer. Nothing impressive yet, then he clicked on the word Paris and we […]

10 Tips To Maximizing Networking After A Conference

I’ve just returned from a big blogger conference, and while I’ve been to many conferences in my career and have read many articles from “experts” about how to maximize networking at these types of events, I’ve never seen advice on how to maximize the value of your networking efforts AFTER the conference is over. It […]

Build Your Business Vision

Building Your Business Won’t Go “According To Plan”

That’s right, no matter how hard you try to control all the details as you build your business, it just won’t turn out exactly as you envisioned – and that’s a good thing. I’m all for being soulfully specific about what you want and why you want it. I write an annual MAP for my […]

starting my own business

10 Lessons I Learned Starting My Own Business

This blog post is being brought to you by Visa Small Business. If I could go back in time and do a few things differently when I was starting my own business for the first time, I would, but hindsight is 20/20 and I learned so much. I started working on my first real business […]

side business

Juggling A Day Job + Side Business

Many of the entrepreneurs I know have a side business, rather than a business they are running full time. The reality is that people have bills to pay and mouths to feed while they are waiting for the business to take off. That’s why I just don’t believe in waiting for the “right time” to […]

business support system

Building A Cheerleading Squad For Your Business

Sometimes entrepreneurship can feel very lonely, especially when you’re a solo entrepreneur or your team is completely virtual. As lonely as it can feel, it’s important to remember that you’re never alone. Every entrepreneur needs a business support system, and today I’m going to tell you about the key people on my cheerleading squad. This […]

How To Write A Pitch

I was sitting on an airplane recently and the gentleman next to me struck up a conversation that quickly led where many conversations lead: “So what do you do?” I got straight to the point and went into the business pitch I have prepared. He understood my business right away, and has since made valuable […]

The Only Sure-Fire Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

At a lecture I gave this week a young entrepreneur asked, “How do I stand out from the crowd when there are other products like mine in the market and I didn’t invent something brand new?” My answer: YOU. You are the “something new” in the market. No patent required. So what you need to […]