5 Steps To Crafting Money Mantras That Work

Mindset is a funny thing; it is partly a constructed worldview that you’ve created and partly rooted in your truth, patterns, and history.

But the good news? Any current belief pattern can be shifted, but the way in which it occurs often needs to happen more slowly than most of us believe.

As it turns out, standing in power positions reciting mantras can help, but often doesn’t heal your current mindset issues; it’s simply a band-aid.

Instead, by using my signature Bliss Frame technique, it is possible to uplevel your money mindset, authentically, from your current vantage point, and without traumatic upheaval. All in the benefit of healing your money trauma.

While growth is often uncomfortable, it need not be traumatic. (Click to tweet) 

Here’s my 5-step formula for crafting money mantras that work:


1. Throw open the shutters on the reality of your current money situation. 

To shift your money mindset, you must look closely at your current money situation. Take a few minutes and really look at the truth of what you have. Shine lights into hidden corners. Figure out your average revenue, your average expenditures, take a close look at all of your debt. Craft a spreadsheet of your inputs and outputs for both your business and life. Whatever method you use, make sure you have a current picture.

2. Take stock of your current money beliefs. 

Take a close look at your current financial picture. How do you respond to your current money situation? Are you elated? Ashamed? Want to hide? Write down any statement that comes to mind about your current money picture and the beliefs it brings to the surface.

Also, make sure to write down all the money beliefs (positive and negative) that you currently have that may not be related to the information you just discovered. Make sure they are actually your beliefs, and not just things you’ve been taught to hope or believe. (This is key.)

3. Reframe each of the negative beliefs as feelings. 

Why do you do this? Because shifting statements of fact into feelings transmutes the permanence of the statement. Statements using “I am,” or “There is,” or “I do not,” feel heavy, and are impossible to change. Feelings on the other hand are transient. Take a look at your money beliefs. You’ll probably notice some that come across as statements of fact. For example:

“I don’t make enough money.”
“There is never enough money.”
“I am ashamed of my debt.”

Your task is to turn each of these into a statement that is a feeling. For example shift those into:
“I don’t feel like I make enough money”
“I feel like there is never enough money”
“I feel ashamed of my debt.”

4. Open yourself to the possibility of changing these feelings by crafting a reframe.

What feels possible when looking at these feelings? Does positivity feel possible? If so, flip the statement on its head to create a reframe:

“I always make enough money.”
“I always have enough money to be happy and thrive.”
“I am proud of my debt, because of what it brought into my life.”

If not, think about what you might be willing to be open to. For example:

“I’m willing to be open to the possibility of always making enough enough money.”
“I am willing to be open to the possibility of having enough money.”
“I am open to the possibility of letting my debt feel light.”

5. Revisit the mantras

Every week or so, allow yourself to revisit the mantras and see if the weight can lift. See if the presence can shift. The goal? To allow growth and change without doing so in a way that doesn’t serve you.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What is one money belief you’re willing to shift, starting this week? Please let me know in a comment below.

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Makenna Johnston is the founder of the MB3 Mastermind, a high-level strategic & mindset program for visionary entrepreneurs accepting application until February 13th. As a business strategist and bliss coach, she created the Bliss M.O., a coaching paradigm built in the space between strategy and mindset coaching that channels CEO-level strategy, mindbody connection, and mindset reframes to help entrepreneurs tap into their desired outcomes and find their bliss threshold.

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3 thoughts on “5 Steps To Crafting Money Mantras That Work

  1. Hi , I have actually started saying a different money mantra and I believe that it is helping, however I like yours better, it is simple and to the point with a positive thought. I believe in finding that positive thing in trying situations, not that it is easy, but for me necessary to kept a positive attitude. So thank you for making me think deeper, so for this week I will let go of money is not coming fast enough and say “money will come at the rate of speed that I need it.”

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