Month: October 2009

Women in Business and Entrepreneurship Series Part 2 of 3: The Facts and Trends

In part 1 of the Women in Business and Entrepreneurship Series, I discussed my personal experience as a woman entrepreneur. There are many misconceptions about women entrepreneurs so in part 2 I’m sorting through the facts. More and more women are embracing entrepreneurship and succeeding. A study by the Center for Women’s Business Research shows […]

Are You Happy? A Personal Exploration of Women’s Declining Happiness

This is the first post by She Takes On The World’s newest contributor, Molly Castelazo of Castelazo Marketing Ltd. Read more about Molly here. A couple of weeks ago Marcus Buckingham wrote in the Huffington Post about a study showing that women today are less happy than in 1972.  Men, on the other hand, are […]